Opinions On Music


So I was wondering what everyone’s favorite music/sounds were, partly because I want some good music for my story but I’d also love to hear some! I like all the different moods that music can portray in certain scenes and really just add more feeling to a story.
And some sounds actually contain music so I’d love to hear if you guys have any I won’t say hidden but hard to find music.



My all-time favorite is music_pianotheme. It’s romantic and beautiful, all in a sad kind of way. Some of the others I really like are music_acousticballad, music_breezy, music_climacticromance and juvie_tenderness. They’re all very melodious and peaceful.

I don’t know too much about hidden/hard to find sounds, but marks_backstory has an eerie sort of tune, and isn’t included in the music section. My_new_best_friend is another one I found, though it sounds like some sort of advertisement.


music_bubblegum and music_latinguitarpop lol


Also music_aggropop


I LOVE sad_vamp lol


mystical gloom and timepassage are bomb. dont @ me


I also love music_pianotheme <3


Oh God! Too many to choose from lol! I really like music_aggropop and music_popclubsync, and many more!


I don’t care too much for music,I’m usually playing my own music and it’s a bit annoying when the episode sounds overlap.


That’s understandable. I also like listening to music when there’s no music in some stories.



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