Opinions on my artwork? (Should I continue?)

Hey y’all, I’ve honestly just started out editing and I’ve been testing out editing apps that many people use. I just wanted other people’s opinion on my artwork and whether I should continue doing so because it is actually quite time-consuming. So, if you could please leave some feedback that would be amazing :pleading_face: :blob_hearts:

The actual artwork:

Thank you, xoxo
Btw, it’s of Travis Maddox; Rivals
Pose reference: Google
(Amazing story)


yes it looks amazing!!! you could edit to to make his thighs less prominent but otherwise it looks pretty cool!!! keep it up

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Thank you!

no problem!!

That’s so good, wth!! It looks amazing, keep up the great work girl!! <333

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Thank you so much!! XD

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First of all, if you like doing artworks, keep doing it, it’s like that that we improve our art skills, so that is up to you :relieved:
Next for the art in itself :

Maybe relook the anatomy, the left calf is weirdly defined (especially the knee area).
You define the muscles and that is good but I think you are defining too much
The skin is too saturated, which makes him look orange. I recommend to desaturate it and stick to a yellow-orange area when picking the skin color
Shading with only an airbrush makes the drawing look messy, it’s okay we’ve all done it
I recommend to study the placements of your shadows, remember where your light is ;))

I hope you keep to draw if it makes you happy, I didn’t mean to sound rude or anything but I’m glad you found something that you like doing! Have a great day :relieved::sparkles:


Your art looks so good! I think you should continue, because if you think there is something to work on (even though it looks amazing) all you can do is get better! :hugs:

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Yep, his legs and skin color may not be the best, but otherwise he’s a snack

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Thank you all so much🥺

I will keep that in my mind for any next artworks!

WHAT!!! that is absolutely amazing!!! I wish i could draw like you!! how could you even question that!!! continue doing it <3

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WOOWW! this is gorgeous!

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Thank you :pleading_face: It’s just really time taking and I didn’t know whether it was worth the time hehe

Thank you so much

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