Opinions on my cover art please


I think it really has lots of potential and already looks really good! Wow!
Here are my suggestions on how you can improve the cover - but that’s just my personal preference!:

  • I would move the title slightly down cause I find it a bit to far up
  • For more realistic hair try using a finer brush and different shades of the same color
  • As far as the shading of the skin is concerned I’d also use a slightly finer brush as this comes as a bit to much for me

Other than that I think it’s really good!! I especially love the blurry background!


Yes, @Fiffy already said it. Maybe try to shade a bit more?
But yes it looks really good :purple_heart::heartpulse:

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thank you :purple_heart:

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thankss :relaxed:

I would put ‘light my’ on top of the guy’s head (not touching it but closer) and ‘way’ on top of the girl’s head. And I would make the L in light upper case but it looks amazing this way too. The drawing looks so cool.

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thank you! :purple_heart:

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