Opinions on my first cover/EDIT


looks great!!

Wow omg that’s really great!!

Aww thanks it’s hard to get used to it
This took me ages :heart:

Tysm :heart:

what software do u use to make ur edits / covers?

np your really talented :heart:

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Honestly you’re way better than I am and I’ve done a few covers and edits already. I am jealous

Ibisxpaint it’s free on Apple and Android

Thanks xx

Ahahah omg I’m sure urs are great don’t put urself down like that

For your first cover it looks fantastic! :yellow_heart:

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Thank you it took me sooo long to get it looking somewhat decent

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Wow. Just wow. I’ve never seen something like this. That’s amazing :heart_eyes:

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That’s amazing!! You should have seen my first edit it was horrible and yours is AMAZING! :heart_eyes:

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Your cover is excellent :ok_hand:

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AWW tysm I really appreciate it :hugs:

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Thank you :kissing_heart:

Omg I’m sure it wasn’t and thanks but it took soo long to get the outline right and the shading so even though it was my first edit I was at it AGES.

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Hahaha I literally LOVE this! Good job! You’re so talented and doing great :revolving_hearts:

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