Opinions on my new story plot



Hallo Guten Tag
I recently been thinking of writing a story showing the realism of mental hospitals. I’ve had been hospitalized a few times and I have been treated horribly in 3 of the hosptals. I want to write this to bring awareness to the mistreatment of the mentally ill. However, do you guys think this is too much of a touchy topic?


I think it could be but probably won’t come of in that way personally I think it’s a great plot and that subject needs to be known about
I would say use it


No, there are many touch topics on episode that giver deeper in depth than this one.


I think it would be great and original, just be aware that you may get two very distinct kinds of reaction afterwards


Yeah. But I really want to speak out against how institutions have treated some of the people I know and I. I know that I have to speak out or else it might not get better for anyone.


Then I highly recommend that you do it :slight_smile: