Opinions on My New Story!

I’ve been thinking about making a story like this for a long time, and I just haven’t had the time to sit down and write it. Now, I have time to write it and release it on Episode! The name of my new story is called Wrong From Right. The main character is a 26 year old young black woman named Rain who endures harsh stereotypes from the people she works with. Sometimes those harsh stereotypes does effect her like any other person. She works at a very known clothing company where her husband is actually the owner of it. Rain is the boss at her husband’s company. Nobody knows that Rain is married to the owner of the company because they wanted to keep it a secret from people. They don’t want the judgmental comments coming from their peers.
Note: This story is NOT race based at all because that’s not the message that I am trying to put out. I just wanted to put out a message to the Episode community that has been on my chest for the past few months. So tell me what you think about my story!


It sounds interesting, and I’m definitely going to check out your story. My story is called 'Fame Or Love" on episode. It focuses on diversity, and real life issues that people endure while pursuing fame or love. Due to the lack of diversity on episode, all of my leading characters are people of color who represent actual diversity. My story is about a struggling artist, who endures hardships, adversaries, and misfortunes while pursuing her dreams as an artist. She later travels to a million dollar recording company to pursue her dreams as a singer, and writer, only to find out she is later forced, to make a sacrifice between, and love. My leading character has a dark complexion, and is also, a person of color, who faces many challenges while pursuing her dreams. I narrated and created my story the way I did to kill off the nerative sterotypes about people of color. I wanted to have leading characters who all represented diversity while painting them in a more “positive light,” and raising awareness on real life issues that people face worldwide while pursuing their goals, and dreams as artists if that makes sense. I too, wanted to raise awareness on issues that are often overlooked in today’s society which is why the storyline was narrated the way it was. I think you should go for it. I’m more of thw type of reader, and writer who likes to think outside of the box. I love reading stories that shed light on issues that are often overlooked in society. So I really think you should go for it. When you have published the story please let me know so I can read it on episode.

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I love your story, and the plot that you have. I have to check it out when I have free time. It definitely gives out a positive message in it. That’s what writing stories is all about. These are real life issues that should be written about because I think it makes stories seem more relatable.

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Thanks its no rush when you get time you can check it out. Some of the main characters in my story suffer from miscarriages, others suffer from depression, cancer etc. So I just wanted to talk about things that actually mattered. I just feel like these are real life issues which aren’t talked about enough so I wanted to try, and shed light to these issues to raise awareness, and feed hope to those who have faced similar struggles. I narrated my story like I did to remind others that they weren’t alone. I don’t have any choices included in the first four chapters so please keep that in mind. I wanted to storyline to come off as much realistic as possible. If you have any thoughts my fanmail page is also, open as well.

I like that. I love your ideas, and how you incorporated it into your story. That’s real life issues, and it’s no joke. A lot of people suffer from those issues, and just to read a story about them, can really relate to them. It’s a good thing. Stories are about sending messages. Whether it’s negative or positive. Sometimes cliche stories aren’t always what people need to read ya know?

I agree, and sometimes cliche stories don’t send out the right message. That’s why I tried my best not to say, or do what everyone else was saying, or doing in my storyline. I wanted to standout not just as a author, but also, as a writer as well. Hopefully others will notice the message that I was sending out to others.

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Yeah, true. I’m glad I found someone who agrees with me. By the way, do you have an Instagram account?

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