Opinions on my newest art piece (cover)

give me honest opinions on my cover/art piece i took like 4 hourss :heart:


It looks good, you just need straighten your lines and have it less “messy”

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Ty for the tip, and i was rushing a little, since i have 4.other cover requests to do, and i’m like kind of stressed… :smile:

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Don’t , you will make it

it looks nice ! my tip would be shading some more instead of just using one solid color, for example the hair: instead of using the same shade of brown the whole time, use a combination of dark brown, medium brown, light brown, etc :))


Thank u! I know i’m trying to “open up” on details on hair and shading. I’m still new at all of this so yeahhh

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well, you’re amazing!! it was just a tip i noticed would make it more appealing (in my eyes at least), keep doing what you’re doing, you’re great!

When will your story be out? I would like to read it!

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This cover isn’t for me, i made this for someone who requested

Oh sorry do u know when they will post it or no?

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No, sorryy

Love it, all I would suggest is experimenting with shading and also the layering. The woman seems to be larger and closer to the front so I would think that she would be in front of the man. Maybe also making your outline darker :sunny: :wink:

I would suggest @harmonyhckson’s art thread she does really good work

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I think it’s good it a lot harder than it looks :+1::+1:

Umm…you really need some practice on art.Try using correction tool or stabalizer to smoothen ur pen tips.Try outlining the characters and working on shading and highlights.Hope this helps.

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I don’t have a specific comment regarding the art itself, but I do have a few tips which could help you improve:

  1. Stroke Smoothness
    The edges of the characters and red carpet look rather messy and uneven. Try using a stabiliser to make them look smoother and more visually appealing, or simply zoom into the edges and continue to paint/erase until the lines are smooth. This may take some time depending on the complexity of your work, however, remember that art may take a long time to perfect, and that’s okay!

  2. Shading & Highlighting
    The shading/highlighting in this piece is completely absent, thus making it appear flat and plain. This technique is what truly contributes to the overall appeal of your work, even if not done 100% correctly. It gives the characters and objects a sense of dimension and realism. Once you do add a good amount of shadows and highlights to your art, I can guarantee you will fall in love with it, speaking from personal experience as an artist here.

  3. Details
    It is usually the amount of details artists include that are key to reaching the wow-factor. Surface textures, depths, strikes… they’re truly amazing. While this may be a small final addition to the existing smooth strokes and perfect shades, it is worth practising on, as it can still have a great impact on the outcome of your work. But, just for now, I would recommend for you to practise your strokes and shading, using whichever technique suits you best.

  4. Additional Effects
    Speaking of effects such as reflections, flashing lights/strokes, blurred areas etc. The same goes for those as it does for the details – these are only a minor addition to enhance the overall appeal of your work. Completely optional, but nice to see.

Feel free to continue experimenting using different apps, tools, techniques, assistants etc. Eventually with enough practice, you will discover your own art style, just like every other artist has or is yet to do so. Hope this helps. :blush:

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Oh wow! Um really straight forward, but I know, i’m new at this and mighttt stop doing art because I myself am never happy with results, but yeah, thanks i guess.

Thank you for the tips! Do you know any other free good editing apps, other than ibis paint x because I already use ibis paint x,

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You’re welcome.

The alternative free painting apps I can think of right now are MediBang Paint and Autodesk SketchBook.

For pose, perspective and lighting references, I personally recommend Magic Poser, which is free to download as well. Just note that the majority of free-to-download apps include additional in-app purchases, which you can go perfectly without, too.

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tysmmmm again! Idk why i’m trying to do art, like i can’tt but anyways ty for tips!

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