Opinions On My Plot?

Hii ive been trying to make an episode story for years and always gave up in the middle of planning -.- if you guys could give me feedback on my some what plot idea, it would really be great!!


Dramatic Version

Esme is known as the wild child, she has everything going for her, popularity, friends, even the golden boy, until her past comes back to hit her. Causing her to rethink her lifestyle and morals


Very Summarized Version

Popular party girl reunites with childhood best friend, boy/girl idk yet :confused: doesn’t agree with Esme’s life-style, causing them to hate each other. Later on a situation forces them to become close again, causing Esme to slowly make better choices for her life

this isn’t the full plot ofc but its one of the main ideas i have for it, i want background drama with the supporting characters as well as plot twist!!


Hm, I like both versions! However, I recommend maybe you can try to put both plots together? Like the childhood bf doesn’t agree with her lifestyle while she rethinks of it later on bc she had an awful flashback? Maybe it just doesn’t have to be one bestie, maybe two?

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Like the person above me said, you could combine ideas. I like the simple version more, because it’s more specific. Could you please specify what exactly her past includes (maybe hints to not spoil) in the dramatic version?




ohh noo, those are the same plot i just explain them differently LOL one is in a more brief way and the other is more detailed, sorry for the confusion :flushed:




While I like it, it’s a bit cliche, I recommend trying to add something that makes it different from the rest!

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That’s an idea, not a plot. A plot should be a chain of events with a beginng middle and end. For example: From the beginning, Eseme was a popular girl with many friends and a boyfriend, until her boyfriend cheated on her causing her to take some kind of action which drives the story. Or Esme was a popular girl with a hot boyfriend until she recieves an email saying ‘I know who you are.’ and she has to deal with this person blackmailing her.

Basically give your character an everday normal until something disrupts thier life then write about how they take action against that disruption.

What is the past that she’s been trying so hard to hide? You can make it a juicy secret that will be what drives the story. Keeping readers tapping while wondering what would happen if someone were to find out this dark/embarrassing secret.


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