Opinions on my story description


I recently started writing a new story called “Hidden Powers.” This is my story description. Does it make sense? Please be honest!! And help me change it if it doesn’t sound right. Thanks.

Story Description: What happens when you and your twin brother discover you have magic powers that were passed down from your mother who died from an unknown death?

P.S: I want my characters to try and discover why their mother died, but I dont know how I should add that into my description. And it has to be 180 characters or less.


When your mother dies unexpectedly, you and your twin brother stop at nothing to figure out why, but stumbling upon magical powers that you never knew you inherited might just get you one step closer to your answers!


Thank you so much! That sounds wayyyy better than mine, lol .


tbh let me know when you post it, it sounds like an amazing story




Yeah, try your best to avoid rhetorical questions in a description. It’s a tempting trap to fall into, but “what happens when…” I don’t know. That’s why I’m reading!


Lol thanks