Opinions on my story idea?

This is going to be my first time trying to post a story on Episode! I’ve been writing since I was 7, though mostly for the sake of self-indulgence. All of my characters are very important to me as I’ve been crafting some of them for years. I’m confident in my ability to portray their personalities, as well as coming up with certain plot points, but my problem tends to stem from figuring out how to pace it and turn it into a comprehensive series.

This story, in particular, is going to be Romance, possibly with Supernatural elements, though that’s one of the things I might need input on whether to keep or not.

The main characters are:

Caleb Teller(MC, Black, 18, Openly Bi): Caleb is the It Boy of Concordia High. He’s charismatic, egotistical, talented at acting singing and dancing, and can talk circles around anyone who would dare say otherwise. He’s got problems staying humble at times, can take his sassiness a bit too far, and can come off as a bigger jerk than he really is. He lives with his twin brother and single mother who previously suffered from financial troubles. However, a while after he and his brother got old enough to work and add to the household funds they were all able to move into a more ‘respectable’ neighborhood. He still has anxiety about their funds depleting again and then having to go back to their prior situation. Being around other students at their school more well-off than them that don’t have to worry about such things subconsciously makes him uneasy, even envious.
If Supernatural elements are added: He has an aura around him that seems to soothe others and motivates people to want to be around him. It’s a passive effect that’s always around him, but most effective when he’s actively trying to charm someone. It’s faintest when he’s distraught, and might even have the opposite effect, repelling and unnerving people if he’s enraged.

James ‘Jemmy’ Mason(Black, 18, Closeted Gay): James Mason is the Golden Boy of Concordia High. He’s intellectual, proper, polite if a bit snobbish, and dedicated to his studies and hobbies. He dreams of being a famous journalist and is the editor of the school paper. He loves writing and seeking out potential stories around town, as well as picking up gossip about his fellow students. He lives with his mother and father in a wealthy residential area. His father is Mayor Horace Mason, a stiff, ‘traditional’ man who puts his family’s reputation and status above their own desires. This leads to them clashing in ideals, though James has learned to keep his arguments to himself in favor of keeping the relative peace between the two of them. Between everyone’s expectations for him, James has had to be a perfectionist in everything he does, keeping his personal thoughts to himself and keeping his image as the ‘perfect young man’.
If Supernatural elements are added: He has a sort of sixth sense, like low-level clairvoyance, that warns him about events up to a minute before they happen. That, mixed with enhanced observation skills help him decipher if trouble is immediately near. This may blossom into full-on clairvoyant visions as the series goes on.

This will be a typical Rivals to Lovers tale. They’ll go from blindly envying the other’s freedom, to understanding that they might not be as carefree as they think, to becoming each other’s strength. If Supernatural elements are added, it greatly increases the possibilities for plotlines and conflicts. The main problem being I don’t know where I would go with it, as the rest of the universe would be fairly mundane. I’m thinking that their families could both have ties to magic/psychic abilities, and handle it in different ways. For example, Caleb’s mother and twin brother both also have abilities and consider them gifts, even encouraging him to be proud of and strengthen his own. While James’s father believes it would ruin their image if the ‘average’ townsfolk learned they had these abilities. Maybe in James’s family, the power skips a generation, so James is the odd one out, making him even more of a target for his father’s disdain.

Basically, I have a lot of ideas for the story as a whole, and no idea whether I’m even heading in the direction of a story others would be interested in, or if it’s just a nest of cliches that should be rewritten. Even if I am in the right direction, any advice on how to help structure things? This is my first time trying what might be a slow burn Romance, as I have a bad habit of having my characters fall in love quickly, even if they’re initially opposed. Any and all ideas are welcome, and thank you in advance!

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I think it’s an amazing idea! Also what you said about if the MC has supernatural elements, i think the whole idea with his aura is great. Maybe the whole thing about his aura having the opposite effects when he’s enraged, the readers could be controlling the effects by choices (using a point system). Just an idea i thought could fit in very well and help get more readers.

Also remember to think further in the story - have it planned out and think about possible plottwist throughout the story to keep the suspense with the readers.

If you choose to use the point system, and need help you can message me anytime :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much! I would love to include a point system, but was too afraid it’d be too complex for my first attempt at making a story. I’ll be sure to ask questions as needed, as I want to make sure to make it as good as possible.

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I actually do have a question about the Point System. If I was to, for example, mark a character’s Magic Experience, would I have to make a character to be able to use it as a variable? Because from what I see, you can only add points to a character’s name. Or would I just have the point attributed to the character themself? As in @CALEB +1.

It’s easier to create a character for each thing/category you can gain points from.
For example, if you want romance points with a love interest it’s easier to make a character like “@ROMANCEPOINTS

That’s the way I’ve been doing it ever since i started with point systems, so i don’t know how it would work out the other way

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