Opinions on New College Contest?

I am super hyped for this! What do you think of the contest?

  • Not entering, Not Interested
  • Entering, But not looking at anyone else’s stories
  • Not entering, But looking around
  • Entering, Looking around

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Not entering because I’ve already published a story that would have fit this theme so perfectly :sob: Can’t think of any original ideas other than my perfect already published college story so will just be reading others


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Thanks :yum:

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Tbh now I think I won’t enter since no one would probably read it BUT maybe I’ll have an idea before the end of the month


I’m actually a little disappointed with this theme :confused: The app is completely over run with stories that consist of school/college (mine included). It would have been nice to see something different like Sci-Fi for example.

I’ll still check out the entries, I’m sure many people will come up with some amazing ideas as always but I can’t help feel a little unimpressed with the theme choice.


I see your point.
But there are many amazing college/school stories. I trust they will do it again for this contest


Oh I definitely agree! I’m expecting many stories that don’t confine to the typical college, especially given that it’s any genre. It just would have been nice to have something new, that’s all.


Not entering but looking forward to reading some cool stories that will be a part of this contest :smile:

P.S there’s so many college stories on the app (just like @PerplexedJam said) so I’m a little surprised they chose this theme…:sweat_smile:

Nevertheless, good luck to everyone!

I’m sure the wonderful entries will blow us away :orange_heart:


I wasn’t going to (because I share the same sentiments as many of you with the contest theme) but then I came up with an idea, so I might. lol.


I feel like this theme is too similar to the Graduation Theme a few years back


Same here. It’ll take a lot more than this to get me hyped. There are so many stories taking place in school, I wish they had been more creative with this contest’s theme.

I still wish everyone who participates all the best!
And I can’t wait for the Thriller contest’s winners to be revealed~


I was kind of disappointed in the theme at first, but they said any theme.
I’ve been talking extensively about a collaboration with another author for this one. If we go all-in, it’s going to be sci-fi/horror, since we have a rough idea of a plot that would still fit the contest.


I’m missing the ‘Not interested but maybe entering’ option. I agree that the theme itself is not very original, but I actually have a fitting story idea in mind for a while. When I saw the announcement I was like “NOOO” because I promised myself to take a long break from writing, but since the submission window is 8 weeks, I may bring myself to start it sometime.


It just seems like the perfect way to keep adding cliches to Episode to me. We have loads of university stories already


You never know someone may come up with a great idea but I understand your point. I’m already seeing the “College Days: Supposed to be a nerd but actually d*mb” stories.


Exactly! You’re gonna find 1 nugget of gold in 100 cliche stories… and it’s completely Episode’s fault! What are you supposed to do with a cliche prompt?


Seriously “College Days”? Did they already make an action shelf? Or maybe something else none cliché?


Since you can write in any genre, I’m realllyyyy hoping that a lot of people step outside of the typical drama/romance college-story box :slight_smile:

I probably won’t enter but all my ideas have been mystery or horror so far. (But that’s partly because I can’t write romance to save my life.)


I wish you all the best luck then.

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