Opinions on other cultures doing edges?

hey cutiess, i just took a fat 3 hour name and i’m tired so let me say all this quick.

How do you guys feel about other cultures doing edges?

Personally, i find it cute when others do it but I don’t know if it’s right. On ig once i saw a black post this This bitch tryna copy our traditional edges and I was like so triggered that somebody wrote that and posted it to the web. My sister does her edges and i’m muslim/pakistani and I don’t feel it wrong when anybody does it honestly.

What are you opinions? Comment


What do you mean like copying each other?

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I guess? Like if a mong person does edges would you get mad?

Maybe this is a duplicate topic :thinking: I think this one is similar to what you are saying right?


Yes, i didn’t see that one, wow maybe i do need an eye sighf.check. tyy for telling me

No problem just ask the mods to close this one

Hi I just want to know how to publish my story that I wrote on episode

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It has to have 3 episodes and atleast 400 lines, go on the portal and there should be a publish button all the way on the right

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It was accident sorryy

@Sydney_H can u close this

What do you mean by doing edges? I never heard of that saying.

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Like dis

oh okay

I would say my opinion but people would call me butthurt

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Say your opinion, it doesn’t matterr

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