Opinions on physical abuse in stories, specifically the use of the slapping animation on other characters

You are right in the respect that I mistitled the thread, I should have named it differently. I was not meaning to separate physical abuse.

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I understand that abuse affects all survivors, I opened the topic explaining that I am fully against all types of abuse against all sexes. I am sorry if this did not come across as I mistitled the thread.

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Thanks for sharing. I’ve never come across stories such as this before, it would make me really uncomfortable if I as a reader was given a choice to slap or punch another character.


Maybe PM them about this and tell them your thoughts in a civil manner instead of straight out “attacking”* them? That way the whole thread doesn’t become one big giant mess. Also, I agree, both males and females go through abuse, and often males are neglected because of the way society portrays them (masculine, emotionless, etc) and it isn’t fair.

*What I mean by attacking is it can come off as rude. We are passionate about these topics and sometimes we find flaws, but we must voice our opinions in a respectful manner instead of being rude (saying things that can make others uncomfortable or upset)


Exactly. :+1:

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Lets leave it like tht

But u guys can continue sayin yr opinion on her topic

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The way you word things can always impact on how others feel. Especially when it comes to sensitive and serious topics. Word it the right way, you can get your point across. Word it the wrong way, people will take it badly and they won’t get your point. There’s no excuse for how you did it. Each of those will have either a positive or negative impact. Whichever one you got, is what you deserved. - Shadow (Me)



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That’s true

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Lets get back to @LillyR topic. I think i made my opinion but i think thats not all…hm.

The only reason I do it is to demonstrate abuse or bullying. As one of my characters is being bullied by another girl. It’s not male slaps female or female slaps male. It’s a female bullying another female.


oh wow

It’s part of the story. But it’s not shown as comedic at all :thinking:

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yeah, i know. Ive seen bullying in other stories.

Thanks for sharing. Bullying is horrid, any form of it. Physical bullying (as well as other forms) can be hard to portray no matter who is behind it.


Honestly women are called the weaker sex for a reason. I don’t say it’s okay to slap people if they are physically stronger than you, but my opinion is that a male slapping a female and a female slapping a male is not the exact same thing.
I did use the latter in one of my stories, and yes, I did it for comedy purpose.
In real life, normally none of the above cases should happen, but I completely understand why @LillyR distinguished these two things and since it’s obvious she didn’t mean to offend anyone, you could have expressed your opinion in another way.

On the topic, I believe I basically shared my opinion above, but honestly I’m unable to read any stories with any kind of abuse and if I see an author note about a story being “triggering” or “disturbing”, I quit straight away.


I think just going to be abuse in real life, putting it in the story is just getting it, how it is not putting it in the story for what the main idea is, it’s just faking with in the real World

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Saying a man slapping a women and a women slapping a man isn’t the same is like saying men can’t get raped the same like a women or sexually harassed the same as a women. It goes both ways and saying it doesn’t makes you the bad person. Not the other agreeing that it does. - Shadow


When it comes to abuse. In my eyes, a victim is a victim. It does not matter what your age is, your gender, sexuality, etc. The brutal thing about abuse is anybody can be a victim and that is not only harrowing but in fact, something that should be bought into awareness in a considerate way.

Abuse in stories if covered with consideration and are in fact important rather than decorative can be very important to the plotline. I have read only one story that discusses a male being a victim at the hands of a female abuser - yes, it was very well written indeed and was one way to raise awareness for male victims.