Opinions on physical abuse in stories, specifically the use of the slapping animation on other characters

Ignore the fact a person from the opposite sex can also go through the same situation that can happen to anyone. Now here is a person that does acknowledge it. You call them “insensitive”, “aggressive” and “rude”. Who is the real generous and “woke” person? - Shadow


^^ fantastically said. I feel extremely strongly about this matter - males can be victims too, and in fact are victims.


Ok, since you’ve updated the topic, I’ll add to this point:

Depends on the context…

I think a lot of the problem for starters is how aggressive the slap animation looks (particularly in ink - the facial expression looks mad as hell). I have used it for a female character to “shut up” a male character who was talking too loud and they would get in trouble if their conversation was overheard. I guess I did use it for comedic purposes then, but I didn’t use it in the form of a true slap


No one should ever put their hands on anyone unless they are doing it for self defense reasons. It goes both ways, not one over the other. If a women start beating up a man for no apparent reason, they have the right to fight the lady. If a man puts his hands a women for no reason, they can fight the man as well. There’s no difference or “It’s not the same.” It is the same and that’s how it’ll always be.


I believe it’s awful to slap someone, even if he went too far. Okay, but sometimes he really need that slap for realizing how wrong was he but yeah, still not the best way to fix whatever happened to make you slap him/her.
But, at the same time… In some stories, we can use that slap for fun. Like in my story, the main male character it’s a bad boy and he always annoys MC, so MC slaps him.
But I am using that slap only for fun, or when he exceed the limits and he needs a little warning (the slap).
what is your opinion on male characters slapping female characters?
What’s my opinion? Why don’t they beat someone at their height and just slaps an helpless woman? Let me guess, because they are cowards! I hate it. I genuinely do. If I would ever get to talk about violance in real life at a very public place in front of dozen of people, I’ll make sure to make them all listen and realize how wrong are they to slap a woman. And possible, punish them all!
Have you seen it in any stories, if so how was it handled?
Yes, as I said earlier. In my story, the MC uses to slap the main male character.
What’s your opinion slapping of the opposite sexes in episode stories?
Sometimes, it’s makes me laugh because some of those scenes are really funny, but it’s also physical abuse and… That it’s a very bad example in front of bilion of people who reads that story. It can influence them in a bad way, it can send us the emotions that the main character feels and that would make us sad because we put ourselves in the main character’s shoes and it also can’t do good to us. To our feelings. It can make us cry, angry, destroyed, a lot of emotions just because we see something unfair we don’t appreciate in a story and because we are human… We feel what she feels.
So, for fun/too exceeded limit - scenes, I agree for characters to get slapped.
But for any physical abuse, too much violance . I don’t agree at all.


I think you forget that people can be hurt not only physically, but emotionally. In most of the cases women don’t slap men because they want to fight them, but - as stupid as may it sound - because they want to show they are not weak and hurt when they actually are.

This is obviously not the cleverest way to manage conflicts, but you know for example, if I ever walked in on my boyfriend cheating on me in our own apartment, I can’t say for sure this wouldn’t be my very first reaction.

I only slapped one person in my life back in primary school, because she was cursing about my mum for no reason. We were both sent to the principal’s office, but to be honest I don’t completely regret that even after so many years.

Sounds fair, but in reality it doesn’t really work like that…


Even if it’s emotionally, I get at some circumstances, if people try to provoke you, but still not any excuse to put your hands on a person for that reason unless they try to hurt you physically. If it’s emotional abuse, that’s a different story.


It does work like that. I know in some situations it happens emotionally, but don’t say it doesn’t work like that when it clearly does… It does reality. Do not defame the fact women get beat up for no reason, along with men.


I see where you are coming from and basically I agree with this, I just wanted to point out that we are human and sometimes we act stupid, but it doesn’t mean we are aggressive and abusive.

Here I didn’t think about the reasons, I was thinking about the obvious physical differences between men and women.
I know that there are exceptions, but in general women are not really able to fight men back.


It’s a very sensitive subject, I’m currently writing a story which promotes domestic violence victims to speak out
(Please ensure you read that sentence properly!!)

My story doea use it but only once just to give the reader an idea of what’s happened. That being said I want to be sensitive towards survivors so I will be putting a warning up and might add the option to skip that scene. I don’t think it should be taken out but prehaps have proper guidelines on how it’s used.

This is just my opinion

And yes I don’t agree woth vilonce toward any gender and being done by any gender


You’re right, it doesn’t. When you put your hands on someone, it could be by accident. Like, you didn’t mean to do so. We do make stupid mistakes, dumb ones like that.

That’s where I have to agree. Yes, in some physical appearances, it might seem women can’t beat a man but we can. Women are just as strong as men too. In the Nation of Islam, we are taught that men are the original protectors but that doesn’t mean women can’t be protectors as well. They tell us that women are strong and very powerful and always have been. For you to say that was kinda rude. Women can fight men but for years, we were seen as weak and small. It ruined our self-esteem and courage to do so for years. So yes we can but society makes it seem like we can’t.


I usually stick with stories where other characters slap anyone and tell them to calm down and get their shit together. I honestly hate stories with the abuse.


I didn’t say by accident, but it can happen as a sudden response when someone hurts us without the intention of beating someone up.

I’m really sorry if you felt offended by my opinion. Honestly I consider myself to be physically weak (I can’t even open a water bottle), but at the same time I know that I am mentally strong and I don’t really have self-confidence issues because of this.
I understand now that it’s maybe just me and others can have a different point of view on this, so again apologies if this came out offensive to you.


Well thank you for apologizing. And yeah, as a sudden response too, my bad.


In my story the MC’s dad used to abuse her and her brother, and she has ptsd because of it, It’s a great way to help show what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s not inherently bad.

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What is my opinion on male characters slapping female characters, or female characters slapping male characters?

There’s a very big difference between a friendly slap and an abusive slap meant to cause harm. I personally don’t like stories that glorify abuse between two people who slap each other for no reason other than “It’s part of their relationship”.

Have I seen it in any stories, if so what was the purpose of it?

I have seen it in many stories, my own included. Though at most times it is used as a comedic effect, I have seen a couple of stories where it has been used to demonstrate abuse in a very well-handled way. It doesn’t glorify it by making it into a “way the character shows love”.

What is my opinion on it?

In my opinion, and I really don’t mean to hurt anyone in any way, it is up to the author whether they want to use the animation to either glorify abuse or not. If they use the animation but don’t address it later, then what kind of message are they sending to the reader? Is there a reason behind adding the slap into the story that could have been done with a different animation? Is it part of a fight scene?

Most importantly - why did the author use that animation?

I’ll admit, I am willing to defend my personal use of the animation, and I used it as a plot device to make the reader choose their moral path.


In Sidechick’s Guide To Revenge there was a slap. The female MC was given a choice after discovering her cheating boyfriend or somewhere around that part of the story (this was a long time ago) of:

  1. Walk away 2) I can’t remember… probably say something? 3) Slap the bf

I chose the slap animation, I didn’t want to physically harm the guy when I chose that option, but walking away or doing whatever the other one was (I don’t remember it, it was most likely really irrelevant) just didn’t seem like a real human reaction when under such emotional shock and turbulence


The use of the ‘slapping’ animation really depends on context. My friends and some of my family playfully hit me all the time. Not a big deal if you it’s between people you know would never actually intentionally hurt you.

I have seen it being used in an abusive way in Episode stories, usually in a pretty bad way. Maybe the animation being looped five times over to see how horrible the MC’s family is to them, or they significant other. And, I suppose if you want to portray a physically abusive relationship, that’s the only way on Episode? But something like that should be handled carefully, anyways.

Hitting someone is almost always not okay. Men shouldn’t hit other men, or women. Women shouldn’t hit other women, or men.
You gotta admit though, there is a double standard when it comes to women hitting men. I saw an Episode story (I think it was featured!) where a male was checking out the female MC and her best friend (or something like that), and the girl standing next to him (probably his girlfriend?) slapped him, and it was played for laughs? It wouldn’t be considered so ‘funny’ if the genders were reversed.


To sum up my opinion I think no one should be hitting nobody, although I do always see the female mc slapping the Male LI and I remember reading a scene When the girl slapped the boy and the boy was like “you’re lucky you’re a female.” :thinking:

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i’m writing a story that mostly focuses on physical abuse, it is a uncomfortable topic, which is exactly why it should be talked about. people ignore talking about things that make them uncomfortable. I don’t think females should slap males or vice versa, unless the male/female doesn’t mind. But even if they don’t mind, it shouldn’t be done anyway. I know many people different opinions and i’m stuck somewhere in the middle. i really don’t want to offend anyone, i am just expressing my own opinon