Opinions on Portrayal of Violent Characters

So, I saw this on Instagram…


I went to the post and saw that this opinion was getting a lot hate. People were calling them a snowflake and saying stuff like “they’re just animated cartoon characters”

Basically, this post talks about how authors write characters who mindlessly kill others without remorse or consequences. Nor do they make it apparent that these types of characters are antagonists. Instead, these characters are main characters.

My personal opinion is that stories that portray characters like these as sexy, bold, and strong: they’re offensive and don’t belong on episode. It honestly shocks me that there are so many people defending this when the correct view on a matter like this (literal romanticized and skewed portrayal of murderers) is very apparent.

Games that do portray violence like this are correctly rated M for mature. Episode is rated for teens… this app isn’t GTA. Call me sensitive but I find these types of characters annoying. They lack depth or character development, the two most important factors to a story. It’s a poor and easy way at making your character look tough. Not only that but stories like this give teens a very inaccurate portrayal of psychopaths and violence. Real life murderers aren’t sexy nor cute. It’s an insult to those affected with mental illness and more importantly the victims.

What is you guys opinion on this? Am I being too sensitive or do you agree?

More importantly, can staff maybe give a perspective on stories like this and if they belong on episode? How does it contradict the guidelines or if it’s okay then why?


I don’t really mind it, but I’m trying to read “despicable” too and I just can’t keep up with the MC behavior. I just guess is not for me and that is not my type of genre. I saw movies like that such as Joker 2019, the MC is pretty crazy and I really like the movie, I think it depends on the type of stuff you like.


I’m sorry, I just really felt like bringing this to the forums since the majority of people on Instagram can be ignorant lol. I’d rather get logical responses that I can comprehend.

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Yeah, but joker was also rated appropriately. Episode is literally rated for teens.


Yeah, stories like that should be on the Ivy app


Authours who write about toxic stuff like that and call their psychotic MCs “badass” are probably the same people who crush on and call real-life serial killers “hot”


LOL. Columbine shooter tumblr fans tbh.


Honestly, the thing I hate how the girl will find her mans killing someone and then she runs away. And then after the guy confronts her and says he will never hurt her and then all of a sudden, she loves him again. I find that quite annoying.


To be honest, if the murder in stories break guidelines, then I think this person has a point. tHeY’rE jUsT aNiMaTeD cArToOn ChArAcTeRs but you can’t tell me you don’t cry at the sad parts, get angry at the “mad” parts, melt into a puddle at all the sappy romance parts, jump in excitement and adrenaline at the action parts, suspense at the cliffhangers. They make us feel too. Which is why the app is called “interactive” and not “A bunch of robots talking”.
Plus I think murder shouldn’t be dealt with lightly. I recall “In My Bed” where Ryder supposedly runs their history teacher over with a car and says “Meh, he’ll be fine”–that’s just wrong now.
So, I completely agree with that post.
Murdering people does not make you badass. It makes you a psycho. Just like bad boys aren’t bad boys just because they wear leather jackets and treat girls like trash.


TRUE. And in real life I don’t think many psychopaths or sociopaths are hot considering many of them are drug abusers


Oh my effing god XD

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I feel really bad for the girl who posted that. People are attacking the confession account and saying stuff like “that’s girl a sissy for hiding behind anon and blah blah”

Man, lesson learned today: don’t touch 12 year old girls glorified psychopath bad boy murderer characters or feel hells wrath.

Bullying in the episode community is so bad…


:expressionless: I just turned 13. AND TO BE HONEST I HATE THOSE STORIES TOO!!! I like Horror…(I was and am a weird kid :rofl:) Stereotypes got me triggered
And I mostly use episode to make edits :kissing:


Screenshot (482)

But all in all, agree with your post and this girls post!! :+1:t4: :+1:t4:


I honestly can deal with the whole psychotic character thing as long as it’s written appropriately and not glorifying mental illnesses or making them seem like such an amazing thing. I’m writing a story on a platform for older people since it has a lot of gore and violent themes. I wouldn’t want my little sisters seeing something like that and thinking it’s cool so I don’t want it on the Episode app. I even leave warnings on the other platform since not everyone is into gore and stuff.


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As someone who is writing about a story about a character (s) [ serial killer (s) ] I would love if people understood that killing people does not make you badass. Being rude and slapping people does not make you badass. Of course badass can have many meanings but overall, it means standing up for yourself and for others, being able to stand your ground, helping others, and being independent. I’m tired of seeing these jealous characters who get mad once an ex enters their “boyfriend’s life”, I’m also tired of seeing big one single story where the ex has a good relationship with the so called boyfriend or even MC- There are many relationships where Ex’s are really nice :(( and I’m so sad no even includes that. It’s always the same boring narrative. “yOu cAnT sTeAl My mAn”, “whO iS thIs nEw GirL”. Like it’s repetitive and stupidly dumb. Anyway serial killers are NOT hot-
I don’t really know if people know about THE story of Bonnie and Clyde but if u tag along to it and watch Kendall Rae’s videos about them and other stories you’d understand. All in all please don’t make your characters a killer just to add drama. Thank you! :))

I think I got carried away and included things that weren’t in the og post sorry lol.


I agree * chef kiss *

I think it’s easier to talk about this stuff in the forums tbh because it’s easier to find people who agree and more difficult for people to create a pile-on complaining about others being “sensitive.” I’ve always said that if people see me as sensitive? Lol big deal. Yes, I’m sensitive to how the messages stories send -particularly on an app geared towards young teenagers- impacts others. It often feels like authors decide after the fact that they are :air_quotes: criticizing :air_quotes: those themes after being expected to take responsibility for what they put into the world.

There’s nothing sexy about murdering people. And there are times certain violence is warranted, but can be portrayed in a way that doesn’t romanticize it or force you to look at graphic depictions for ~sexy~ shock value. I’m pretty forthcoming about my opinions on this matter and if the worst thing people can say about me is that I’m Mean™ because I care about how impressionable young readers can be impacted by the glorification and sexualization of (often graphic) violence, then :man_shrugging: There are way worse :air_quotes: flaws :air_quotes: to have lol



Those sort of stories should be on a mature app, 18+ not an app for 12-13+…

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I think the main issue is that if people portrayed these characters properly-- they’d be breaking the guidelines. I mean, that’s the key issue with all these Mafia stories. It’s more of a glamorised cult of bad-boys than an organised crime society. It’s spreading a highly damaging narrative that these kinds of people are to be admired and sought after. I’m surprised the Mafia in general isn’t flagged on the content guidelines. What’s more damaging? Exploring things realistically, or glorifying them?

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