Opinions on really short/long episodes?

As I’m writing my story sometimes I get confused on how long the chapter should actually be… I’m currently reading a story where the chapters last maybe three minutes max

But I also recently finished a story that contained around three chapters that took me a hour each to finish

So I was asking for opinions on it, what do you think?


Doesn’t matter if it’s 3 or 10 minutes long, just make sure to keep the your reader entertained. If nothing is happening for about 2-3 scenes readers will most likely exit and read something else.

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I will not read anything that takes me less than 10 minutes. I feel like it progresses the story too slowly and I’m got getting enough value for my pass. I like long chapters (even over an hour long), I just usually take breaks and go back to it when I’m ready. As an author, though, keeping them between 10-20 minutes is usually ideal as they are short enough that people will read right through and get you your reads, but long enough that they feel like the story is moving and it was worth the read.


I agree with almost everything that @/rachelonepisode said, but just one thing: I wouldn’t read a chapter that is one hour long, I have read one story that I trully liked but stopped reading it because just 1 episode would be that long. I always make my chapters around 10-15-20 minutes long. I think that’s the best.

Other than that I would never make my chapters less than 10 minutes as the person said, in my opinion 3 minutes is a very bad idea. It’s not fun. But also I believe that 1 hour can be boring and make the readers tired.

In conclusion, I believe that 10-20 minutes long is the best offer in our store :clap:t5:


100%. when writing my story i usually look at the time when i start-finish and weow the time doesnt even feel like it’s been 10-20 minutes, just keep it entertaining!

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I honestly can’t read very short AND very long chapters. 10-15 minutes is perfect to me and I’m also willing to read chapters from 20 minutes.
There are stories that have chapters from 30+ minutes and that just will bore me, even if I love the story.
And chapters that are 'til 5 minutes are too short for me :slight_smile:

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Hey I made a thread asking a bunch of questions about story’s
It’s got episodes length and stuff

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I mean I have read stories that were 2 hours long to only a few minutes and my opinion is that short episodes can make you feel as though “What was the point?” I didn’t time my chapters but I know my 2nd chapter was at least 9 minutes without all the alterations so I hope that my chapters are a good enough length. I understand why it might be difficult to make a chapter have scenes that aren’t just “fluff” to stuff into there but I always say timing it is the best thing you can do. If you wouldn’t read the length of your chapter since it is too short/long then try re thinking and go back to the drawing board. Think about events that need to happen and ones that don’t and how you can fill in details to make your length better. I added a scenes that were never supposed to be there and it made it so much better in my opinion. If you need to plan then do it.

In conclusion, write however much you feel comfortable with but try and add something that will become important to the plot in the end you will thank yourself and your readers will thank you.

Now back to my opinion on actual length based on being a reader on episode consistently since last year. I read a story that was two hours long almost every episode and although I loved the story I would go out and back into it after awhile since it felt like it dragged sometimes and I knew I had to make actual time to read it. So really long episodes are fine but having to re read them is a bit annoying. But on the other side reading short episodes I think that 10- 20 minutes is good amount of play time. I am currently reading a story like this and the author has had complains from readers but her reasons are because it is where she feels most comfortable and maintain motivation. Which I can understand and I can do this between breaks and finish it. Which is much better than having to stop and start.

So I don’t mind reading long stories but shorter episodes are better but I don’t mean a few minutes (example - 2-5 minutes) I mean 20 minutes are best to keep my attention and also feel as though I haven’t wasted my pass. Length could depend on the story though like comedy shouldn’t go on for longer than a generic tv show (30 minutes) but some stories will need a longer length like drama ones. :relieved:

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