Opinions on Release Dates?

So… I am the author of Mi Princesa Hermosa, and I was wondering what y’all would think is reasonable for release dates.

a. Should writers should update once a week?
b. Should writers should promise specific release dates (ec. every friday)?
c. Would you stop reading a story if the author took too long to update?

Please share your feedback!

Also: Please do not promote your story on this thread!

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Hmm… let’s see!

a. Should writers update once a week?
I mean, it depends! As long as they are comfortable with updating once a week and feel like it’s obtainable for them without stressing them out, then sure!

b. Should writers promise specific release dates? (ec. every Friday)?
Only if they feel absolutely confident and comfortable with their ability to do so I think. After all, life has a way of surprising us and you may not be able to update when you promise. I don’t think it should be demanded of an author to create a time, aka, I don’t think they SHOULD. They CAN if they wish, but they shouldn’t have to.

c. Would you stop reading a story if the author took too long to update?
As an author who hasn’t updated in coming up to be a year in the next couple of months, no I absolutely would not. lol Life happens. Things get in the way, you aren’t always going to be able to put your stories first, nor should you have to. I have several authors who I still patiently wait for the updates whenever they can get around to making them. I understand that Episode is not a priority in their life, therefore, it might take a little longer than normal to get a new chapter.

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a. If you have time to, yeah!
b. It honestly all depends on your schedule.
c. Nope. Good stories take time, and sometimes life will get in the way :))))

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Should they? No. But if they can, sure. Why not?

I’d say no. If you’re going to, that’s fine, but stick to it. However I don’t think it’s something people should do. I personally will never say to a reader when I’m going to update until it’s the day I’m positive I will actually update on. All my answers to “wHeN wIlL yOu UpDaTe?!??!?!” suddenly go from “soon xx” to “sometime today xx”

Nah. Like, where’s the harm in something sitting at the bottom of my read list? I can just read other stories while I wait.

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just update when the chapter is done. if you try to do a spicific time you may end working to fast en realse something there arent done

a. No, because they may not live up to their promise and people will get upset. I’n writing a story but I sometimes take breaks in between writing so I would not get a good full episode done in a week. Sometimes these episodes feel rushed and really short, so I’d rather just wait a bit for a high quality, long episode. But if you can do the good episode, then sure.
b. No, because similar to a., they may not live up to their promise.
c. No, not at all. I was reading Faking Death and S. Langdon stopped updating. I’m pretty sure it’s still continuing though, she just needs a break. I haven’t removed it from my favorites, because you never know when they’ll update.

sorry for the long answers, I can never make short simple ones :joy:

I think that you should set your own release dates, not go by what others think.

I could never realse chapters every week or every two weeks. I have no time to do that, I’d rather perfect my chapters before publishing them.

I tried the every week, every two weeks. It just didn’t work.

So with the help from a very good friend @EpisodeHoneyy helped me write and perfect chapters something I couldn’t do alone and I just released the first two chapters since November last year.

It’s up to you when you release, if you are a popular author then there is more pressure to release updates, if your a small author like me, then you have more time.

Don’t rush your chapters or your story, make it your way, your time and don’t let people bully you into updating every few weeks/days.

Should writers update once a week?

Only if they feel as if they can. Episode should not be the focus in their lives. It’s really just a hobby (for most of us, anyway). If that seems like an obtainable goal to reach without them stressing out, then if they want to, they can.

Should writers should promise specific release dates (ec. every friday)?

I don’t think they should promise, because life can get in the way and promises like that can be broken easily. But I think it’s alright to say that you will try and release a new episode every Friday if you are fully confident in your abilities to do so. Basically, don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Would you stop reading a story if the author took too long to update?

Not if it was a good story. I’d check the story every day and patiently wait :smile:

A. If you have the time and capability to release a quality episode every week, sure. However I don’t think this should be the expected norm.
Our school, jobs, and loved ones should take priority.
Heck, even the authors that make a living on the episode payment program don’t release weekly updates.

B. Nah. Those promises quickly become difficult to follow through with.

C. No way! I follow multiple stories that are updated with large gaps of time in between and I am still just ad dedicated to reading them.

a . Should writers should update once a week?
If you can, go for it, but it shouldn’t be expected. Life happens.

b . Should writers should promise specific release dates (ec. every friday)?
You should only do that if you’re absolutely certain you can keep up with your promised release dates. Not promising a release date is nowhere near as disappointing as promising a release date and then failing to keep that promise.

c . Would you stop reading a story if the author took too long to update?
Not if it’s interesting enough to keep my attention.