Opinions on romance

Hey episode lovers
I want to see what readers love
Vote please

**when reading a ROMANCE I prefer **

  • A romance with a happy ending (eg mc’s getting married)
  • Not every romance has a happy ending
  • I’m Oke with both

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I m okay with both but i rather prefer happy ending :wink:


I just instantly clicked the “not all stories have a happy ending” option without even noticing the “both” option which is probably what I actually would’ve picked because I don’t prefer unhappy endings over happy ones.
That being said, I kind of like it when there might be some chapters in a story where the MC and the LI are separated for a while and their relationship isn’t necessarily perfect. I think it’s nice to see a more realistic way of relationships; the non-perfect ones where everything isn’t a dance on roses all the time.


Haha, no problem
I’m writing a story and I wanted to see what readers love
Most romances have a happy ending, but I see for some readers it doesn’t matter
Thnkss:kissing_heart: for your motivation


My broad opinion of romance stories are alright. I have a general problem with them if they get far too syrupy or if they just end up being far too lustful. I think the key to a great romance story is a good balance. I’ll elaborate.

I feel like not enough romance stories have meaningful problems within the relationship. It can often be petty, and most of the time, it is literally to do with jealousy. How come there aren’t any character flaws that can be difficult for the LI to really get over? It is always a fatal flaw or something petty or something not so unique that could happen to every couple.

There should be some meaningful conflict so that the relationship when it survives is much stronger on the out side.

So stories that end up being too syrupy are stories where the guy and girl are just always making googoo eyes and saying some of the sickeningly sweet things, but they do it all the time. It is like the character became the romance, not that they’re a character anymore. You know what I mean? When the male says things like, “My love! Behold! I’d die for you! I’d give up anything for you!” It pulls back the realism.

Real men in real relationships don’t quite do that unless they’re pushovers. Most men aren’t, though. A lot of men have personalities, hopes and dreams of their own and it happens too often that a man will bend over backwards for a lady in a relationship. There needs to be a better balance where she meets his needs, too.

Syrupy levels can change with same sex couples, though. Their needs differ from a straight couples needs because they often have a similar view and understanding due simply to biology. So I can forgive extra syrupy same sex couples to an extent.

The lust levels are bad in all romance stories if there is any hint of lust at all. The romance becomes less romantic and more smutty sometimes. So they become objects of their own desire instead of people with human desires. A romantic relationship is so complicated in all its beauty and needs more than lust. Lust is not the same as love. You can have love without lust, and I actually personally believe you can’t have true love WITH lust.

Those are the things I see in romance that shift my general opinion of it. A romance is cool up to a certain point. It is okay to behave perceivingly “lustful” and it is okay to be syrupy, but a relationship shouldn’t mostly revolve around these two things. It is often a combination of both that makes me want to click off and REMOVE. XDXD

My bad for the long post, eh >.>

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Couldnt say it better​:purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

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