Opinions on Sad Endings



When the story doesn’t usually end on a happy note. I know some people aren’t quite fond of them but I think it’s a nice change of pace. What do you think?


I don’t really have a problem with any kind of ending, but I mean, sad endings are sad lol. As long as the sad ending goes with the story or makes sense and wraps everything up well, I’m all for them.


I love them!
…But also hate them.

I love them if it’s a multiple ending story and I get the sad ending, because it catches me off guard and that makes me really think about my past choices. I don’t like it if it’s a sad ending no matter what I choose, unless it’s a comedy and the sad ending is basically a punch line.

I got a sad ending in Hit and Run by @EliseC and it was the first time I was really hit with the fact that my choices mattered. Tried to do better in Maternal Instincts and got an even sadder ending. Sat there with my jaw dropped for a good 15 minutes.

So I guess I just love the shock of getting a sad ending?


I’m so sorry :sob::joy:
If it’s any consolation, I cried like a baby writing ending A2 for Maternal Instincts and then I cried every single time I read over it.

I’m a bit of a hypocrite because I don’t really like sad endings in Episode stories. I prefer super happy sunshine rainbow endings, even if they’re unrealistic hahaha.
I dunno, I guess I read Episode for fun and to get my mind off stuff so I prefer to read happier stories or at least stories with a happy outcome. I don’t mind multiple endings though. As long as I know a happy ending is possible, I’m alright with it.


yeah, sometimes I wish the bad guys win just so it’s more interesting.


but at the end of a story, I forget what its called but its an episode original, and at the end the love interest gets sent off back to Australia by the mom!!! That’s not a good example of a sad ending or an ending at all!


Lol, all is forgiven :heart:


I actually enjoy reading sad endings. Happy endings aren’t realistic and while they are good occasionally, more dismal endings add other emotion and shock-time above all.


I love sad endings! The sadder it is the better!


I didn’t know how many people actually liked or don’t mind sad endings. I have yet to come across a book that makes me wanna bawl my eyes out tho :thinking: @EliseC I think I’ll try out Maternal Instincts!


If you read it I hope you like it and if you get a sad ending, I hope you cry… ahaha. It’s in spotlight though so if you don’t like that style, the cinematic version should be out in a month or so :slight_smile:


Sad endings in my point of view are the most realistic because in real most times things don’t work out the way we want them.


To me, the more emotion I feel at the end of a book, movie, game, etc. tells me how good of a job the writing and various other things were. Because of that reason, I love sad endings. If I truly feel sad or depressed at the end of a story, I just feel as if they did a tremendous job. I have yet to come across a sad story on Episode (though I’d really like to), so I can’t say with experience I like them on here. But I feel that if it is done right, the story has been told, then yeah, it was good. If it were one where choices mattered, and I got the “sad” ending, then I’d probably not mind at all. The part deep down inside me that likes the torment from a sad story would probably be happy lmao.

I think, however, that if there is a sad ending, it has to end with a sort of closure. If there isn’t any closure, then I’ll probably get annoyed. I’ve had this before with various things, and that tended to annoy me more than appreciate it. So closure is a must with sad endings.

But, for me, I’m good with them. I tend to want sadder stories, as I tend to write them myself all the time, for some reason. And I also realize this makes me sound super depressing, but I’m really not. I just like sad stories, and music, for that matter.

Alright, my completely all over the place response ends here. Hopefully that makes sense. :grin:


Fragile Bonds, I love that story. The way the story ends depends on your choices and I was shocked when I got the worst endings. The story can be triggering for some people but it’s an amazing story.


I kind of like them and kind of don’t.

If a story has a sad ending and connects with you on the level that MAKES you cry on the grief of the character. I would love a sad ending. Like the story "In a Heartbeat" I cried a lot in this story as I felt how they would feel at the same time… The job of the author is a reason for the story to turn great and if the story has a sad ending I would appreciate it and if it really connect to us in a level beyond expectations I would gladly cry over a story for hours!

Who doesn’t want the story to end in a happy ending we all do. But the happy ending that the author wants to sometimes doesn’t connect to me. I maybe the only one that only feels this way though. But sometimes the story with a happy ending seems rushed to me. Like the story ‘See through me’ I thought that the ending is gonna be sad but it wasn’t sad it was good it seems rushed a little. I don’t remember much of it as I read it a long time ago!
Th happy endings end in a blur also ending are always like the boy proposing to the girl, marrying her, and then getting pregnant, giving birth and then happily ever after.

And also Real life cannot or mostly don’t have happy ending so I am much of a sad ending person but I do like happy ending when they connect!

So, here ends my opinion if this makes sense! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I’m not a big fan of sad endings because they kind of leave me feeling depressed. :frowning:

In BroZoned, there were two different endings… a happy one and a very sad, disappointing one. No matter which one you chose, you still got to read the other one in the next chapter. I accidentally picked the sad ending first, so it was very refreshing for me to see the nice ending after that. I may be in the minority here, but I don’t like sad endings at all.


It depends on whether the ending fits the story’s plot and genre. It doesn’t make much sense for a romantic comedy, but in genres like drama, it can work perfectly. I also find that it’s better if the sad ending is avoidable, since the sense that it’s the reader’s fault gives it that much more of an emotional impact. Just make sure you give people a reason to care about what happens to the characters if you’re going to go for a sad ending, or else it falls flat. I don’t agree that sad endings are the most realistic endings, either: bittersweet endings are more realistic, and better show the complexity of real-world outcomes. Maybe the good guys win, but there’s a cost to it. Maybe the bad guys “win”, but there’s still hope for the future (which also makes a great setup for a sequel). Maybe love triumphs, but life isn’t necessarily going to go smoothly for the couple. We can’t look at endings as an emotional dichotomy.

Most of all, just give me a solid, well-written ending and I’ll appreciate it no matter what emotions are connected to it.


:heart_eyes: Which ending shocked you? And I love you for reading! :two_hearts:


Oh crap I didn’t think you’d see this post :joy:, I was the one that commented on your instagram about Sasha being killed by his sister. I didn’t think you’d see this post, I had to let them know about your story! :joy:


Ahhh yes :heart_eyes: The worst ending that may be the most true ending :scream: Thank you for reading again!