Opinions on spoiling your kids?

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What do you think of spoiling kids?

I think it’s bad to spoil them because, this will make them think they are the best and the center of everyones attention. I would/will only give my kids something when they deserve it but also give them things for fun of course. I have a spoiled cousin, who acts like he runs on attentions. It’s very annoying and I will never make my kid turn into how he acts.

comment your opinions, again sorry this is short i need to sleep before i get beat… Lmao


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Spoiling is bad definitely. But I can see how parents would want to give their kids all the things they didnt have growing up. But I still say the kids need to work towards said gifts like good grades in school, staying out of trouble, etc…


it depends on how you spoile them. my niece is a girl who has evyrthing. she is also nice polite and dont demand on getting evrything. i am was spolied too as a kid. and i never had the idea i was better than other or should have evrything and control evrything. it not only depends on how much you give the kid but how you raise it. if you never say no the dont learn the word. i mostly got a yes but a no comes when i ask for something i clearly cant get.


personally, i dont think the reward system is a good thing. because then kids think they deserve something every time they do something. i can use my nephew as an example he got this watch there collects coins for doing stuff. and the exchange them for stuff. and he wants a coin for every single thing he do. his dad has to give him the coins through an app . and i was at them one time where he said he could not do it right now cause his phone had no power and my nephew got so angry

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I think parents should only give kids things when they’ve been good. When I was a kid, I got things a lot, but I don’t think I ended up being spoiled or bratty or whatever. Now I don’t ever really need anything hecc I only wanted two things for Christmas. My mom felt like I wasn’t getting enough so she bought one more thing for me :joy: that’s when you know you are pretty humble But yeah, I agree with you. Kids should not get things like toys or something every day. Only if they’ve been good or they went through something tough for them when I was like 6 or something, I had my cavities removed and my mom said I did well and I didn’t cry once so we went and got a toy afterward I agree with you and I think kids that are spoiled their whole life get very annoying and self-centered and think the world revolves around them or something.


Don’t do it. Period.

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depends on your definition of being “spoiled”

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Spoiling can be good and bad.

I’m spoiled…Very spoiled. But I’m grateful for everything I’ve got. My parents can afford to give me nice things (e.g. a car), but I never expect them to give me them. Just this Christmas I was asked what I wanted and I thought, I’ve got everything I want? They aren’t legally required to give me anything, hell I’m 18, they’re not even obliged to let me live with them! (Bit extreme lol) I never ask my parents for anything or expect them to buy me anything, in fact it makes me feel guilty when they buy me something expensive and I haven’t done anything to deserve it.

My point is, spoiling can be taken both ways. If you can afford to spoil your child then sure, go nuts. But don’t create a brat. Kids should never expect their parents to buy them anything just because they want it, also when a child stops becoming grateful for being spoiled it’s time to stop. There are some people who are less fortunate and cannot afford to spoil their kids, even when they want to.


Don’t think spoiling is terrible but let them figure somethings out for themselves. Certain families are have more finance than others and there is nothing wrong with that. As long as they have respect for themselves and others it shouldn’t be a problem.

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I think it’s wrong to constantly spoil your kids. Like we are living in a world where parents are so careless these days that they spend s**t ton of money on iPads, mobile phones. Kids shouldn’t be using that stuff anyway because they would be doing shady things on the internet like you see on apps like Tik Tok.

From personal experience, I would consider myself spoiled with material things. I earn everything because I maintain good grades and behave in school. However, spoiling your kids for no reason at all will make them grow up to be horrible people. Especially with only children.


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