Opinions on stories about millionaires?

What do you guys think about stories that are revolved around millionaires? I’m creating a new story that is about a millionaire and how he finds true love, without the girl even knowing he is a millionaire. Tell me your pros and cons, and in general if you like it. :heart:


i think stories like that are great but there is a big majority of them in the episode community , its good because it draws views attention , and are usually very popular , and it cant be too cliche. Thats when people stop reading other than that i love the idea, hope it goes well

Thank you, to be honest I like the “cliche” millionaire stories… I like myself a rich man. :wink::laughing:

I like them, but sometimes its a little over the top.


Some stories are great, some are great and cliche, while other stories are not too great, cliche and cheesy :woman_facepalming:t4:

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I really like them when they’re well written (just like any other story). It really gets alot of your readers to kind of live the fantasy of the high life through their MC. Actually planning on starting one in the future

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