Opinions On Story Idea

So I just came up with a story idea I’m kind of hooked on, it’s a little bit of a twist on the Breakfast Club.

Genre: Comedy
About: Rachel Willard, the queen bee. Mia Quinn, the genius. Greg Peterson, the criminal bad boy. Noah Lee, the sweet jock. All strangers. A series of bad things lead up to a time at the bar for each one, and a drunken night filled with mistakes promises them in each other’s lives for good. But could one night also lead to friends for a lifetime?

I’d love your opinion on tweaks, or what to add or remove. Thanks!

Also, does anyone have an idea for a title? I have a few examples:

  • What Happens in The Bar
  • One Night Out
  • Four Strangers
  • Hungover
  • When I’m Drunk

HHmm. Sounds good. I would read.

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Thanks for your opinion! :grinning:

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Sounds interesting! I would read it :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m personally a huge fan of the stories involving friendship groups, so this sounds really interesting!! although the only thing I would recommend is changing some of the tropes - a ‘bitchy Queen Bee’ trope is quite common, and so is the ‘quiet nerd girl’ and ‘mysterious bad boy’. Perhaps changing them up between genders (bad girl, sporty jock girl, etc.) or using different tropes would make it more interesting, although using the tropes you just mentioned would also work well as long as each character isn’t one-dimensional. Like perhaps make the queen bee also a closeted science nerd, or make the tough bad boy love baby animals etc. :grin: I hope that made sense, lol! Best of luck with whatever you choose~


Thank you so much for your opinion! I’ve actually been brainstorming and decided more that each character each had a past that made them who they were, how they each gained their (maybe a bit cliche) flaws and how they become comfortable showing the friend group who they really are. I also decided that the jock is gonna be a bit like the one to lighten the mood, maybe a bit dumb, but sweet as well.


Sounds Entertaining, And The Title “Four Stranger” Is Good Too!

Thanks, I think I’m gonna combine two. Four Drunk Strangers.

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