Opinions on the Episode ads?

Hello, all. What do you think of Episode advertisements?

Personally, I think a lot of them give off a bad image. Yes, there are a lot of too many, honestly romance stories, but it just gives the impression that Episode is all about romance. The storylines shown in the ads are ridiculous sometimes. Would anyone actually climb up to their next door crush neighbour’s window at night with a giant ladder and climb inside? Um, I hope not. ‘Great! Now I can impress Josh at the party!’ Does the MC’s life have to revolve around the love interest? Do they have to dress, speak, text, write, act like how their crush wants them to? Because that will end up being a bad relationship. What about all those amazing mystery stories, horror, thriller, drama, action? There are women wearing nothing but red, lacy, underwear in those ads. People making out. I understand that may be something that will make people click on it, but the majority download Episode because the ‘choices’, ‘code your own’ thing sounds nice. Not because they want to witness a totally illegal relationship between a minor and a teacher unfold before their eyes.

Let’s try and make this a no-drama thread, okay? It’s our goal :smiley:


Disgusting–That’s all.


I agree.

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I remember like when some popular story was taken down because it violated the guidelines and instagram (it’s always instagram…) lit up with like all these arguments where their ads can break the guidelines of the app but not the stories on the app (this was like two years ago cause I think the story was The Bet and it was in Classic), and I personally felt like the advertisements were more appropriate after this innocent but recently become more inappropriate once again.

I think Episode is known as the app with those sexy advertisements which really don’t portray the app well.

Edit : Well, now I’m second guessing myself because of the latest featured stories.


I think they do that because sex sells :grimacing:


LMAOOO those ads where the guy is found to be cheating, and the mc/ girl has two choices: slap him, or forgive him. (And most of the time, people are wearing revealing clothing, such as underwear or lingerie) Or those ads where the girl walks in on her boyfriend cheating / having an affair (Most of the time, they are wearing lingerie or some sort of clothing you wouldn’t generally want to go strutting out into public wearing).

I don’t think this types of content should be even advertised, considering that they can show up on any app, even games that younger audiences may be able to view or witness. Also, this isn’t what Episode is all about, as the ads suggest.

There’s so much more unique, funny. and creative stories created from writers in the community, but all the ads suggest is love, cheating, scandals, pregnancy…


Slap him or join in is the one I see the most hahahahaha oh :frowning:


LMAO yep. Totally join in the fun with your boyfriend / partner, and this random girl he’s cheating on you with. :joy:


I agree with you all :joy: and yes, I’ve seen ‘slap him, or join in’, so many times.

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They’re trashy but did get me to download the app lol. With better ads they will attract a more mature set of readers.


I know someone people that won’t give Episode a chance because of how trashy the advertisements they’ve seen for it are.

it’s like the Episode staff is trying to sink their own boat.


I never knew about that story and it’s drama! Yet, more recently the same thing happened to the story In My Bed… Episode doesn’t seem to learn from its mistakes!


I agree. I think they do have male MCs in the ads, but they’re always portrayed as ‘the boyfriend’, the ‘hot one’, or the ‘really hot crush’. It’d be nice to see a male not portrayed like that for once.


This one @kheyrwrites

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^ This is the shit ad I was talking about earlier ya’ll

Guess it wasn’t this thread, but it was somewhere >.> I just can’t remember where