Opinions on the Government Shutdown?

If you live in the U.S., you know what has been going on lately; the government being on shutdown. I don’t know if I am the only one who feels this way, but I think shutting down the government is unnecessary. Anytime you are trying to stop a COMPLETELY different race of people come to America, is wrong. People are trying to come to America to seek asylum, and they can even get it.


I am sitting in Denmark rolling my eyes at America

what they are doing can not even be legal. everyone I talked with this about did not think it was true that people need to work without getting paid. like wtf. not getting paid is something from a horror story in my country. where we have unions who pay you if you get fired.

This is far from the first time the gov has ever been shut down. Only option we have is to ride it out and wait, imo.


i am actually on union pay right now cause i have moved and are looking for a new job

honestly, I don’t live in America, but, shutdown isnt necessary at all.

This is my first time experiencing America having the government on a shut down. I knew it was going to happen based on the Tax Return law that was passed last year. Unfortunately, the economy is going to drop because people who work for the federal government won’t get paid for doing their jobs at this moment :frowning:

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Even in England, people are trying to get rid of people from other countries. Brexit is completely unnecessary and it’s so stupid.


@line123462 Unfortunately, it’s very much legal in the US. Keeping the government shut down for this long and for this reason is unusual, though. Americans are also rolling their eyes at America.

Back to the general topic:
This isn’t the first time it’s happened. It isn’t even the first time in recent history; there was one during the Obama administration and this is the third one under Trump. There were several others between 1980 and 1996, but this one is happening for an especially ridiculous reason (most undocumented immigrants don’t arrive by land and the problem is usually that they’re overstaying their visas, so a wall won’t do enough to make it worthwhile; there have also been claims about trying to stop heroin trafficking, but most heroin that comes from different countries does so through legal ports of entry). It’s easy enough for regular civilians to ride this out, since the most we have to worry about is not getting our tax returns. I’ll admit that it doesn’t affect me much since, while I’m still an American citizen right now, I’m not living there and am in the middle of emigrating anyway (my fiancee is Canadian and it’s easier for me to move to Canada than it would be for her to move to the States). Federal employees, on the other hand, need those paychecks they aren’t getting, especially considering the fact that many of them are expected to continue working anyway. They’re the ones suffering over this.

Funding the most expensive and least effective method of border “protection” isn’t worth messing with people’s livelihoods.


I was in college when the shutdown happened during the Obama administration. These happen, and they are definitely legal. They usually don’t last this long though, and if it lasts a couple more days, it’ll be the longest shutdown in U.S. history. And honestly, I’m pretty pissed. The shutdown is completely unnecessary and it is already making a very negative impact on our economy.

Nearly 800,000 federal employees have not received a paycheck because of the shutdown. They will eventually get paid when the government re-opens, but contract or temporary federal employees might not ever see one.

The White House’s suggestions to do odd jobs to make ends meet are infuriating. It is nonsensical to tell a government employee to do odd jobs for their landlord. The landlord needs money too. If he’s an independent landlord, he likely needs to pay off mortgage for the property he’s renting out. If it’s a company/corporation they need to pay the employees that maintain their property. There are thousands of people looking for housing – especially places like DC-- that can actually give them money. They will have no qualms about kicking someone out of their apartment if they can’t pay.

This also impacts small businesses near federal government offices, as well as tourism near National Parks.

I could go on all day about the negative impacts of the shutdown, but that wasn’t the question you asked.

The shutdown is only happening because Trump is stubborn and wants a border wall that is actually pretty impractical.

  • The border wall doesn’t take in to account the actual landscape of the U.S./Mexico border. For example, the mountains and rivers that are part Of the border. For visual reference, Best of Luck With the Wall pieced it together from 200,000 satellite images.
  • Border security experts also have other other ideas for how the $5 billion dollars Trump is asking for should be spent. While some aren’t opposed to the idea, they’re more concerned with other enforcement tools; video surveillance, drones, motion sensors, more staffing…

As @purplezombieattack said, most of the undocumented citizens are actually people overstaying their visa, and they’re not always coming in by land. The fact that the government is shut down over a very ineffective method of population control, and that Americans have to suffer because of it, is upsetting.


what is that

when congress doesn’t fund something (basically)

I agree we shouldn’t have a government shut down. The whole situation has me pretty irritated. However, it isn’t as bad as a lot of people think. It can get bad if it stays shut down for much longer, but people won’t suffer as much as your news will say. I am directly affected by the government shut down and so is my entire family. I nor my brother or uncle get paid, but there are alternatives and we’re all sure to be communicating with people. Last I checked, about 800k facilities were contacted about the shut down in hopes of helping people stay in their homes and whatever else.

On the other hand, the whole thing is absolutely ridiculous. Majority of Americans approve of Trump’s immigrant policy, including many Dems. And Dems that are opposing him now are only doing it to spite him. They want Trump to fail so badly, that they’re putting the country at risk. Trump said he’d take full responsibility, and he can do that, I guess.

The truth is that it isn’t only Trump’s fault, it isn’t only Dems’ fault. It is America’s fault, too. We had House and Senate for 2 years and we didn’t get much going because WE THE PEOPLE were voting Republican without taking a look at policy. So many of the Republicans were opposing Trump, too, not because WE THE PEOPLE don’t want the wall, but because they wanna stay in good cahoots with their Lib friends.

Messed up, if you ask me.

And no, we aren’t against immigration. Many of them want a better economic life, not asylum. We don’t hate Mexicans because we want a wall. We want legal immigration and many immigrants agree with us. They came here legally, everyone else should have to, as well.

Personally, I want us to have a border like Israel has. Ya know…the one America helped with. But America can’t help itself? Just because they want that evil bigot Nazi man Donald Drumpf to fail as president. Good job -_- smh

I feel like the government is going to be shut down during tax season. It won’t make a difference because the Supreme Court passed the tax return law last year, and it’s going into effect this year.

Absolutely unnecessary. I don’t work for the government, nor am I a politician, but the shutdown is useless. There are people who need to feed themselves and their families, and people who have to work to improve the economy and provide for their families. Congress should grow the hell up and take some damn action already! Screw Trump!

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This isn’t about the Democrats being our enemies! The one time we have to politically unite for the good of this country is the time people decide to be assholes? And Trump has some pretty rude things before, but of course his lovely supporters deny it to protect their Orange Lord…

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The economy is dropping now as we speak.



^ Yeah…>.> I agree for the most part? I’m confused at your point.

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Basically, people need to stop blaming a person, and take responsibility/unite for the good for America. My second point was that Trump should not be completely blameless.

And he definitely isn’t.

That’s why I posted this earlier X’DDDD:


Current mood of many conservatives right now. But…we’re still holding on. We just have to wait and see what happens.

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