Opinions on this different type of story idea?


So pretty much all romance stories I have played on Episode revolves around a character having multiple romance options, and as the story progresses you get to choose over yime whp to be with.

I remember back when I played “otome” games like from Voltage and NTT Solmare.

In these game you get a prologue that introduces you to multiple options, then you choose which one you want to go for and the chapters are all designed around that choice. You can end up with 4 endings depending on the choices you make. However you can not be with any other character.

I wanted to do something similar to that. At the beginning you would choose and play through the story. You would be able to go back after completing it and choose a different guy.

So it would basically be like 4-5 romance stories put into one, where you have 1 love interest.

Opinions or questions on this?


That’s really cool


Love that idea! But before you make your 1 choice. Really build up the 4-5 love interests so we know exactly who we like


I think it’s a great idea! You’ll just need to be very careful with the line/data limit. If you have to write five storylines in every episode, you might find that you’re pushing it quite a lot.