Opinions on this outfit?

thoughts? BE COMPLETELY HONEST!!! even if its mean. I need constructive criticism.
Edit: I changed some things


I love the socks/boot combo, that’s really cool!

What is this particular outfit for? If it’s just for daytime then the exposed bra under the jacket is a little odd. Unless that’s just her personality, risky and confident lol


Okay, I’m going to be completely honest here… like you’ve asked…


I think using the bra as a top is a bit much. Maybe if she was about to go for a swim, it would be okay, but that’s just kinda too much on the revealing side in my opinion? If it’s a casual outfit, it’s definitely too revealing. But it’s otherwise alright. I noticed you used the bra as a top so… if you’re looking for something flirty, use a skirt that is tighter and “hugs” her body, I guess it’ll show more of her curves lol? As an alternative, try a bralette instead of a bra.

honesty is the best policy

Please remember this is my opinion <3

I honestly don’t like the skirt with the outfit, mainly because they look like two different shades of white.

The bra thing is okay(though I would of put a sport bra or a crop top), but I wouldn’t pair it with a flowy (is flowy a word?) type of skirt, maybe a more fitting skirt.

I would rate the outfit 4/10, because it’s not my style nor do I really like these type of outfits.

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I do think people should be allowed to wear what they want,

but I still think her wearing only a bra is a bit weird. I am really tired of all the outfits using bra as evryday shirts.

qustions, would you wear a bra with out a shirt in public?

My Opinion

I do like the outfit. However, I think the inside shouldn’t be a bra but better off as a halter top in a complementary shade to white (perhaps a beige or if you want to keep with black, then black) lose the necklace but add a gold bracelet.

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I like the boots with the socks, and I think it looks great with a skirt although I would’ve picked a different one. I definitely do not like using a bra as a top, particularly not this bra. I’d use a crop or tank top instead.
I think it looks fine with a jacket, though I honestly really dislike this particular one :sweat_smile:

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Because you can make some cute outfits with them




yeah bralettes specifically spice up any look.


I love the outfit! but you should change the skirt :blob_sun:


I LOVE THE OUTFIT! Especially the skirt, jacket and boots :star_struck:
But the only thing I don’t like about it is the bra, I think you should you crop top or something.
This is my opinion

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Yes I have done so as I don’t see the difference between me walking out in a bikini top to me walking about in a bra