Opinions on this?




It looks really good, but I suggest turning on the stabilizer for neater and better lines and as for the contouring, try an orangish brownish tone! Otherwise, it looks great!


I had the stabilizer as high as possible! And I tried doing fast and slow strokes but it didn’t work. What should I do?


Try changing the setting from Real time to After It works in making lines straighter for me
I also usually draw it quick and fast so its straight rather than drawing it with pause!
I think thats the problem with the scriggly lines, you draw and pause in the middle of some things!


Don’t draw strokes too fast or slow, just draw important lines with moving your arm rather than your wrist.


The lines look way better when i use a stylus I think it really helped


Wait you used your finger?




Ahh no can do! Always use a stylus when drawing lines!


I know but I lost if for a while so