Opinions on Wait Times?

Since I’m writing a story, I’m curious to know everyone opinions on wait times in episode stories! I would love to know how you feel about them from a readers perspective and an authors (if you write). If you like having the wait times, do you suggest doing 3 chapters every 1.5 hours, or more chapters like 8 every 8 hours? I’m not sure if I want to include wait times, so it would be really helpful to get other’s opinions!!

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Ngl I absolutely hate wait times, especially when It’s sometimes (days long) then I usually end up forgetting about that story. but that’s just me, so that’s why I do not have wait time in my story nor will I ever put any wait time. but if you do decided to put wait time, it’s totally 100% okay but I think the less wait time the better!

I feel like said “wait time” a lot :joy:


I find them rly annoying but if you do them maybe 4 every 2 hours?


I’ve not seen anyone who likes the wait times :joy: I hate it, to be honest.


I have two opinions on this. The first one is that you leave a person hanging, which makes them return to your story. The second one is that it can be annoying and they can give up on reading your story. So if I’d have to chose, I’d personally say 8 every 8 hours.


This is the way I would do it: as the episodes come out and you are releasing 2 or 3 episodes at a time, I would use the wait times to keep the reader on edge. But for some reason I absolutely despise this on completed story’s I think it’s because Im not patient when I know there are episodes there to read. So I wouldn’t recommend it. It also means people can’t bring read your episode story.

But at the end of the day the choice is yours.


Hi, You can add wait after every 4 chapters, because the number of passes are 4, so they would have to wait anyway till the passes refill.


that’s actually a good idea, because the passes refill is like 2-3 hours depending, and if they use the refill your pass with ads, they most likely might go back to your story!!!


Hi, i wouldn’t recommend putting a wait time on your story it annoys a lot of episode readers but if you want to put a wait time on go ahead!

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