My story is called ‘The Musical’ as of now. Im thinking of changing it but idk. Im writing a story description but i can only have 180 characters so its very limited. What do you think of my description, do you think it sounds interesting or should i change it? :confused:

You joined the musical with your bestfriend before she died and whilst you’re rehearsing, you meet Elijah. The typical bad boy who is helping with the stage props as a punishment.

Does that sound boring? Also if anyone has any better titles, id appreciate the suggestions :heartbeat: :slightly_smiling_face:


ooo it sounds really good girl tbh like something I would read tbh

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Oooh that’s awesome girl I love it :heart_eyes:
Make sure to tell me when it’s out so I can read it💙

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Tyy means alot! <3

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Ahh ty, i will! (:heartbeat:


You and your bestie signed up for a musical, but during rehearsal she died a few weeks later. While acting with your heart and soul, you meet Elijah, the prop boy, who may just fill the hole in your heart that your bestie made.
Bestie gets replaced with friends name.
Just an idea

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