Opinions regarding my contest entry?

The intro for the contest entry. What you all think? :crazy_face:


That’s really cool and creative. :clap: :clap:

it’s simple, but still has a lot of effort put in it. i love it!

@Melissa.J Thank you so much!

@veronika.epi Thank you so much!

I love it! I’m a sucker for simple and short intros, since cause if I am going to binge read your story, I would want to get to the story itself as quick as I can to read it. Also because if the intro is also short, I can also savor the intro enough to where it isn’t overwhelming to look at. I think that is good though in my opinion! :heart:

Well done! Love this! :heart_eyes:

Thank you, it means a lot.

There are a few warning messages beforehand you know to stop people from crying like babies but they’re short too x

Thank you so much!

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