Opinions? suggestions? thoughts? (flags)

Ok, so there’s people that always flag me when I post threads with links to my backgrounds, overlays, etc. It doesn’t matter if I use drive, linktree, or even the links of my threads here, people always do this.

I talked with a moderator the first time because it was “unfair”, but they told me that the creator of the thread only wanted characters cards, not links (even tho someone replied with a drive link just like me but anyway :skull: :skull:).

I got angry, I just wanted to share my ideas and edits, but I decided to create my own threads and let people come to me, not reply to anyone with links since some of them don’t like them. But the same thing happened again, I’m sick and tired, does anyone knows what I’m doing wrong? Should I just stop doing those things? Please be honest, I’m not going to flag you just because you give me some criticize

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I used to have a thread here with backgrounds, stories ideas, and characters details, but I was the only one answering them so they can also flag me for being the only one answering my own thread (It doesn’t make sense, but these people find stupid reasons to flag me :upside_down_face:)

There’s basically no way to avoid this, maybe I should just stop doing this and just use the forums to find stories

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If you edit the flagged post, it shows up as normal again. Just add punctuation or an emoji or something. Then they flag again… and if a post is flagged twice admin checks it out to see what’s wrong. And if there’s nothing wrong, congrats! Then it’s the flagger’s fault.

Or you can just learn to ignore it, which is what many people have done. Flagging is a common issue around here.


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