Opinions Wanted (Polls in reply)

Hey everyone! (I’m finally back after many months but so glad to be back :heart: )

Here’s a story idea, I actually started writing this story a year ago but my directing and everything wasn’t the best. I still really love the idea and wish to rewrite it. Would love to hear some opinions from u amazing readers and authors!

The idea:

Story title - Eternal Waves

Little desc without telling too much - It’s about a girl (you) who accidentally travels back into the past into 1700s where pirates were common. She meets a feared pirate and from there on many events happen. (don’t wanna spill too much but that’s the general idea) and one main aspect of the story is how waves are eternal. And to be honest, this story is going to be an emotional roller coaster, I plan to make this a story that gives a reader emotions and allows them to expect the unexpected :eyes:

Lmk what you think and anything u think would love to have in this story and thank youu :black_heart:

Vote the polls if you’d like:


Also here are some polls as I’m curious with what u think:

One love interest

  • That’s okay!
  • Ehh…

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LI customization

  • I’d love LI CC, but I’ll still read it if there isn’t.
  • I don’t mind no LI CC.
  • I need LI CC.

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Chapter Length

  • Long chapters all the way!
  • Short chapters are for me!
  • I don’t mind either as it’s not too short.

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Chapter Release

  • Release 3 chapters first, then keep updating.
  • Release all chapters at once when done.
  • Release __ chapters first, then keep updating. (Reply w chapter #)

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may add more polls!

sounds really interesting. i would give it a read

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Tyy :heart:

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