*Opinions!* Would it be okay if I’d completely change my story?

So I currently have a relatively successful story on Episode, and I’m glad that people enjoyed it thus far. And by successful, I mean that it has a little bit more than 49k reads.

However, I don’t really like it myself. I wrote it years ago starting when I was only twelve years old. And at that age…I’d write about some stuff that I now regret about writing, and at that age I tried writing about certain topics I had no clue about, so you can imagine how bad those parts were written in my story. In addition, I don’t like the main idea in general. I feel like now since I’m a little older and more creative (at least, I think I am), I can write a story involving all those characters but with a different and better plot.

But…so many people already read the version that I have now…and, not to mention, some could possibly be in the middle of it. I could write a completely new story by creating a new story, but I want to use my old story because I want my old story to be completely gone. And this is where I want all of your opinions, do you think it’d be fine if I’d do that? If you agree that it would be fine, then comment below. If you disagree and believe that it wouldn’t be fine, then also comment below. :joy:


Honestly I think it kind of depends on you. Some people probably will get annoyed or be disappointed. However, there are others who would have remembered really liking your story when they were younger or people who hadn’t read the original who’d be excited to read a newer version. All in all, I think you should if that’s what you want to do just keep in mind that there might be a bit of short lived disappointment but don’t let it discourage you.


If you want to do it, than do it. The story is yours so you have the freedom to do whatever you want with it :relieved:


A lot of people revamp their stories.

Let your readers know, either by IG, or putting it at the end of your most recent chapter, with a skip option.

I know how you feel about wanting it to be gone, so I’d say do it. You could always save the old script to a word document so that way you always have it, as I know some authors have kept their first story as souvenirs, or some equivalent.

At the end of the day, it’s your story. And you need to do what’ll make you happy.


Thank you everyone for commenting your opinions about it! I will keep them all in mind! :smile:

I say go for it. I’m also planning to completely write over my first episode story, though I don’t have as many reads as you so it’s easier for me to archive it and edit without anyone getting upset. If I were you, I’d recommend first adding an announcement at the begging on each episode of your story saying that you’ve decided to revamp this story and that readers can expect a new version out sometime later this year? Then tell them to follow you for updates on IG. That way, it will stop people who are in the middle of your story from wasting passes and getting upset at you, plus they know they have something to look forward to. You could even change the story description to say you plan to revamp it, again, so that everyone knows what’s going on and has time to prepare for it to change

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That is a good idea, thanks for suggesting it!

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I don’t think that’s a problem at all. I have two stories that I wrote when I was 13(i am 16 now) and I hate them because they are cliche. I will change the plot of these stories because rn I don’t like this kind of stories.

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