Opinioun for my art

So as you may have read about it
What do you think of my art?


So these are some of my art I have done recentely

Basically I have just started digital drawing and I think its preety good for self taught begginer🙄 and eventually the first thing that came in my mind was that why not open commission, but after some time of thinking probadly, i got the fact that I should open it after some more experience like 2 or maybe 3 months
So what do you think of this photo should i do commission and if so what should be my price🤔
Sry if you don’t understand some sentence or words
If you want to see more of my arts, you can check my ig @2eerina


I love you digital art! Your so good. I have started too but haven’t rlly been doing it b/c school. I really love you drawing and I wish I could draw like you! I LOVE IT :heart: :heart_eyes:

What app do you use? What this sketched out or you used an image?


Thank you so much😍
I use ibis paint x
And no i didn’t did a sketch or an image i just started to draw and it turned out the way it is now😁


Your an amazing artist. It’s really good! I use Ibis Paint x too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I think you should make the price affordable where it won’t be to expensive, in my opinion if it’s over $20 I wouldn’t want to buy it!
You should do commissions


Thanks for the price suggestion☺


You’re doing really well for a beginner, and showing lots of potential.
However, when people are looking to commission art, they are usually searching for more professional artworks. Most artists have been doing art for years before opening up commissions, as with a few comes a level of expectation.

I think that you should probably practice a while longer, and perhaps focus more on the shading and hair, and once you’ve progressed more, you can reconsider commissions, as personally, I’m not sure many people would strictly commission works at this stage currently. I wouldn’t, myself.
Which is fine. Still doesn’t mean your art isn’t good, just can be improved.

Until then, I wouldn’t worry about prices, as it’s better to think of those when you’re style is ready to be sold.
But bear in mind not to go too high, or people just won’t bite. Some fantastic artists charge very low, so it’s worth taking it all into consideration so that you don’t put yourself out there in a negative light, fees wise.


Thank you for the suggestion☺

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