Opinons on mafia stories?

my personal opinon on mafia stories is that they are overused,tell me yours!


I like some of them but a lot of them have toxic masculiny in it uck


Hate them 100%. They literally glorify an organization that killed so many people, I wish they were well done and actually properly portrayed the Mafia as dangerous.


Yes! I agree, they are very overused and most of them are cliche. I hate it when the LI treats the MC badly, but she’s always like OH HES SO HAWT OH MY GOD BE MY DADDY


My personal opinion is that they are overused and they are mostly the same. I also don’t love romance parts of it either if that makes sense.

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Omg… Finally someone that have the same opinion as me on this topic! :v::tulip:


Overused and cliche also and most of them are all same. I used to read them but can’t anymore bc storlyline on romance is all same and exactly what EternamFlame said LI treats badly and MC “omg he is so hot i forgive you now let’s do some woohoo”

Pls give me some good mafia stories or atleast something new.


If there are no Li, or the Li is not the mafia member, or the Li is a girl, THEN HELL YEAH IM IN!

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I actually love them


eh they’re alright. now mafia/crime-drama films on the other hand, like love those

What if there were a story following someone who escapes the mafia? Like the reality show Family of the Mafia (I haven’t seen the show just the promos).

It could possibly be a refreshing take on the mafia romance cliche, if done correctly.


If it’s actually being portrayed correctly instead of glorified and the “bad boy Mafia boss” isn’t the love interest, I would have no problem with it. I would actually be very open in reading a story that shows the real Mafia, but I have yet to find one.


People can write what they want as long as they aren’t making gang life seen like the best thing in the world and that it’s romantic.
I’m ok with a gang story with romance.
But when they make gang life apper fun I dunno :confused:

But this is just me :blush:

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I enjoy some of them. But I won’t read stories where the LI is abusive towards the mc. Speaks down to them only because they are a woman. Etc.

Follow the money money money money! $$$

That’s all I gotta say :joy:

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Yes…he totally loves you and shows it by abusing you mentally, verbally and physically :woman_facepalming:t2: I hate it when I see that in stories

Are you okay with Mafia stories? Do you like them? Why do you like them, or why not.

Are you writing a Mafia story? Did you do some research about the topic?

It’s ok to write Mafia stories on episode, or Ivy would be a best fit? What do you think about romanticized Mafia?

And most importantly: what do you KNOW about Mafia?

I want to hear your thoughts!


I don’t specifically like mafia stories but I’m okay with reading these stories though I won’t write stories about mafia.

Yea I know what mafia really is so I prefer not to romanticized Mafia lol :laughing:


It’s ok to include the Mafia in stories, but they shouldn’t be romanticized as they often are. I suggest authors not touch the topic with a ten foot pole, because the reality of Mafias are abundant and devastating. Especially since most authors don’t have to deal with their reality on a day to day basis, and especially when they do no research.


I’ve read a few Mafia stories.

Really not my thing. The only one I’ve really enjoyed is “Unsutibly Bad” by @britt.writes

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