Opinons on mafia stories?

ladies and gentlmen, and anyone of whatever gender they identify as, the rates of triggers and trama of these people in the community has droppped to 0% thanks to Some_Kid :sunglasses:




@corvus.writes this had to be said. Thank you.


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I may or may not be publishing a mafia story soon and I want to know your do’s and don’ts when it comes to mafia based stories… every opinion matters! What do you think?


A mafia story is alright IF you don’t sexualize or romanticize them
Gangs killed hundreds of innocent lives and ruined many
I’d just do you research on how they work
Some helpful threads:


Thank you so much! This was very helpful and I’m not saying that you were implying that I glorified the mafia but just to put it out there lol my story is based on escaping the mafia and the characters learning and bettering themselves. Thanks again for the other threads and for replying <3

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I love mafia stories, it’s always fun to read them :joy:
And write for yourself don’t let people decide what you have to write :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m lowkey getting annoyed at people who keep on saying you shouldn’t write mafia stories because that’s giving false info and making 13 year olds believe thats how the mafia works. It’s just a story and when I was 13 I knew that its just a fiction and it isn’t real :kissing: :v:t2: But then again everyone has their own opinion.


I used to like them but I honestly don’t bother with them anymore due to the stereotypical plot ect
The one I enjoyed the most was Wicked Sins.
That was my all time fave.
Now I’m into vampire stories.
I think that even if it seems obvious that it is fiction, it is important to put a trigger warning and clarify that it something really serious in real life.

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You are right. Some people are just spreading hate wherever they are going for the sake of 13 year olds. They don’t think the 13 yr old they are worrying so much about aren’t on Wattpad reading worse or watching movies/TV shows which are more realistic. This is not an excuse but young teens have access to way more problematic things if their parents aren’t there to supervise them.


As long as you portray the mafia properly and do your research then I don’t see a problem. But be careful about the content because it could be insensitive to some people. Don’t romanticise the mafia leader because they are anything but romantic and should not be portrayed in a positive light. Good luck with your story😊


Thank you!


I think mafia stories are okay to write and read as long as you portrayed it correctly like what the others said

I think Mafia stories, if written correctly can be powerful and have a great plotline that actually engages the readers and leaves them wanting more, I’ve read very few like this but a some are executed well such as Mafia Doll, Are all monsters evil?, Dirty Lovers, Without you, Criminal Desires and La Conti’s: You’re mine. I also think there should be plot twists within these stories; a lot of them are based around the same thing or have the same ending, villains and plots. I also think the reasoning behind some villains/ characters/ backstories all this are very similar throughout certain stories. My personal opinion is probably the same as a lot of others, but I don’t think ALL mafia stories are the same, a lot of them have amazing plot twists, ideas and have been beautifully written and directed. I also think some people romanticize the violence and chaos too much and show it in a good way. yes it doesn’t happen much anymore, yes it’s died down, but that doesn’t make it okay to romanticize it. You need to give a disclaimer or show it is not okay and even inappropriate. But other than this Mafia stories can be amazing!


I agree on this part.

It’s okay if you like mafia stories, as I cannot control what stories you prefer to read. But I do think that there are still a lot of stories that do not show the raw and ill-truth of what it’s like to be in a mafia, the truth of it, and how ugly it is. People get raped as young as minors, little kids and adults die just for being tied to a mafia as young as 3, and there are so many other traumatizing experiences that people in mafias face. These stories don’t show that. I’ve never read the stories you’ve listed other than a few episodes of Without You. And Without You May have good directing from what I’ve seen in the edits on IG, and even good dialogue, but it still makes gangs (which are different from mafias) seem like the tragic idea love story that everyone wants.
I can see where you’re coming from. But indont think that it’s a good thing to represent mafias and gangs like this on a platform with little kids. Better off with a more mature platform where it’s made for adults who understand right from wrong

But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do research. When writing a topic like this with a lot of back history, you need to do research to write one


And by not doing research, and making mafia stories seem “beautiful” or ideal, you would be belittling the heavy traumas and experiences that people face in mafias.
You will never understand what it’s like unless you are in a mafia. Which is why people are angry. Which is also why people of Italy are mad that this is misrepresented. They’re not supposed to be ideal or beautiful. They’re ugly and these stories only show a love story that seems like a fairytale everyone wants when it comes to love


I honestly don’t read mafia stories but if a story is written well and doesn’t romanticize harmful things, then I think a mafiah story is good


Just don’t romanticize it or make it look fun.
If you want inspo on gang stories, I recommend Fruits Basket 2019 episode 16-17

I’ve started to read a handful of them (mostly because like every other story on Episode right now appears to be a mafia/gang story). I’ve finished some of them too. I get the romanticization concerns, especially given the QUANTITY of stories with the whole “broken girl meets intense/overprotective/rude mafia leader then they fall in love” premise, but I don’t inherently hate the idea of mafia/gang stories, I guess? I mean, they are people too, so they have stories that can be told. I think I’m more annoyed with the overkill of the premise I mentioned above. Would be interesting to see more stories about reluctant members or members who want to leave or something.

Also, someone mentioned Are All Monsters Evil, and I’ve finally finished it (like literally just now), and I found it more frustrating in terms of the female MC than in terms of the mafia stuff itself. I don’t think it romanticized the mafia, necessarily, because it did show/discuss the killing and stuff. Unless the idea of falling in love with a mafia in and of itself is considered the romanticization… In which case, that’s every story on the app that involves mafia/gang members lol. Also figured I’d note, in case anyone saw it mentioned and is thinking about reading it, that I’m pretty sure it’s a choice-less story. I can’t remember if that’s 100% true because it’s 40+ chapters, but in these last 5 or so chapters, there’s not a single choice, which I started to find more frustrating as the female MC started to develop certain viewpoints/hard stances that really just like… clash with my own. But that’s a personal thing.

TLDR: There’s WAY too many of them on the app and idk why so many people are writing them, especially when the premises are pretty much the same for the vast majority I’ve seen; however, I still read some of them because what else I’ma do during this covid mess?!


Ok so I got the inspo to make this from this :point_right: Discussion: Toxic and Abusive MCs

You should check it out lol

Anyways, I wanted to know your guys’ thought on Mafia. I’m personally writing a story about the mafia so this might sound really hypocritical but whatever

  • Mafia stories on episode heavily misrepresent the mafia. Mafia leaders aren’t hot (which I’ll admit that I’m guilty of making them like that)

  • Mafia leaders aren’t going to fall in love with their hostages

  • Mafia leaders don’t have morals

  • Mafia leaders aren’t afraid to kill a child

  • Mafia leaders don’t care if you’re a woman or not, they’ll kill you without a second thought

  • These kind of stories can offend people that have had an experience from these people

  • Killing people isn’t “hot” and anyone who writes these kind of stories (myself included) should write it like it is, immoral. There’s absolutely no point into making something like that “hot”, “sexy”, or “sensual”. The only “reason” there would be a need for these kind of things would be for the sake of a romantic aspect

  • Romance isn’t everything. There doesn’t have to be romance in every single story, especially if the only way you can do that is to glorify something that is responsible for so many horrible things that happen in the world

  • Also if you want to write a mafia story don’t romanticize or glorify that kind of lifestyle there’s many ways to avoid all those things.

I also want to talk about MC’s in these kind of stories. Usually mafia stories revolve around how the MC accidentally saw something she shouldn’t have and then got kidnapped but instead of the MC being scared for her life she checks the LI out. I don’t know if it’s just me but I’d be scared if someone was trying to kidnap me but ig MC’s in episode are just built different :woman_shrugging:

I’m not trying to bash these stories in any kind of way and I know that this is episode and they’re all fiction but I just wanted to say these things because some kids on this app don’t understand these things and these stories are way too normalized

Let me know your thoughts on this :kissing: Cuz I’m lowkey curious

Also don’t know if there’s already a thread made abt this