Opposite Day [Forum Game]

It’s opposite day.

Everything you type in this forum, has to be the opposite of what you actually mean!

The person below you has to respond to you by saying the opposite of what they think about what you said, then they have to say something.


I had a great night, I didn’t get suspended and my mum isn’t sending me to summer-school! (Actually saying: I had a bad day, I got suspended and my mum is sending me to summer-school!)

reply: Bad luck. You won’t need it. (Actually saying: Good luck. You’ll need it.)
[random scenario or I like/I hate… etc]

and then another person has to respond to the bottom message the replier left and so on so forth.

You don’t need to put what you actually mean in brackets because the person will know by translating it to the opposite, obviously.

I’ll start.

I hate the cat breed, Collie. Those types of cats are idiots.


Cats are great. Dogs suck.


I agree


I hate cats :eyes::sparkles:

Me too! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I didn’t know that my enemy’s worst enemy love me. Different as six girls. it’s true :disappointed:

I definitely understand you and relate because I have great empathy.

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Fuck dogs.


I am working hard today and I hate anime.


I can relate because I totally understood what you were saying


I love romance, i like how every single story contains romance. I can read bad boy and mafia stories forever.

Also yeah, fantasy sucks

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I am not a potato

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Ur a thicc potato

I am not lazy at all and am definitely managing the amount of assignments I get from school during quarantine

i’m hot

Yes, you are veeery hot. I am not hot. I am stupid and ugly!

All of you guys aren’t hot, I’m not hot.