Option on wether to continue if you die or to just carry on

I see games where you can get yourself killed and thn have to replay the chapter/part you died in. I was wondering of anyone would like to see an option where you can continue if you die and Just become a different (major.) character in the game or have the choice to reply the chapter/part

or is it a bad idea and I should just make it so you have to replay.
Don’t really want spend the time doing it if people wouldn’t really gonfor something like that.

out of topic but

i hate when people do that. like what is the point of a choice if i actually dont have one.

Sorry I’m not sure what you mean. Do you mean you dislike getting killed but having to restart the episode?

yeah. when it is so anying when it goes. sorry you did pick the wrong choice now you have to redo it. why give me the choice if i actually dont have one

Yeah I never thought about it like that ha ha ha

The downside with that is that you have to replay the entire story to get a good ending.

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