Options for my story (Will close in 5 hours)

Do you like a story with:

  • 1 love interest
  • 2 love interest
  • 3 love interest

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Would you want to customize the mc and the love interest(s).

  • Yes
  • No(only if you add art scenes)

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Wanna be in my story click the link be low.

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Lol okay thanks

I personally prefer one love interest. Most of the time a love square (3 LI’s + MC) tends to be the same cliche plot. When I read stories with them, most of the time the author naturally shifts you towards a certain LI. Unless there were choices that mattered allowed me to hang out with the other love interests then I probably would be more interested. :grinning:

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that’s a cliche episode thing, i was kidding but i prefer either 2 or 3 love interests because it spices it up. plus, it makes the readers wanna pick who they wanna be with at the end so then theyll keep reading.

I really want to make an episode that’s different. Do you have any suggestions?

old thing

make 1 love interest but that love interest likes the MC’s best friend and then another person likes the MC but they’re too caught up on their love interest to focus on the person that likes them and end it where like the love interest only did that to make them jealous and the person that liked the MC did it to make the MC’s best friend jealous and they end up happily ever after or the MC could stop liking the first love interest and like the person who likes her and the MC’s best friend ends up with the first love interest


1 love interest

1 best friend

1 MC

1 character that likes the MC but the MC doesn’t like them back

-love interest likes best friend

-MC likes love interest, duh

-someone likes the MC but the MC doesn’t like them back.

possible endings:

endings yeye

-love interest dates best friend and MC dates the person who likes them

-love interest admits to only pretending to like the MC’s best friend to make the MC jealous and the person who “liked her” admits to pretending to like the MC to make the MC’s best friend jealous

-love interest ends up liking the character who likes the MC and the MC ends up liking the best friend

Thank you that sound really good

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I like the idea. Can I credit you for it?

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i’m glad you like it !
my IG is epi.juules

Thank you

I had this idea. Do you think the mc should be a jock or not?

i think they should be a jock

Okay thanks❤

Do you want to be a character in my story?

sure :blush:

my character details woohoo

hair: black and straight
face type: oval
eyes: upturned feline and toffee
mouth: full round and taupe
nose: soft natural
eyebrows: seductive arch
body color: caramel

outfit (if needed/just an example :slight_smile: :
military pants, black with gold zipper zipped crop top, thin clear circular glasses, gold pendant, calf boots black


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What role do you want? Click this link to see what’s available.

a mean girl perhaps?