Orange ad button?

Hi. (I’m not sure if I’m even doing this right :see_no_evil:)
But has anyone else noticed the orange ad button has disappeared?

Aka the one where you can watch a few ads to reduce the wait time on passes.

I wasn’t sure if it was just me/ a glitch or sometime or if episode had gotten rid of that option.

Thank you in advance :blush:


I think you get 10 everyday but, I still have mine as far as im aware

i had one a year ago and then two days ago, it showed up. and now it’s gone lol.

So for almost a week mine wasn’t showing up and when I updated the app it came back.
Maybe you need to update it?

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Uh. I never had one of these so :woman_shrugging:

sometimes is there and sometimes is not :joy:

Thank you guys! lol

Yeah, I’ve had the button for a least a couple months now and for the last 2 days it hasn’t been there. On like the occasion I was actually going to use it. I do probably need to update it, but when I looked it didn’t say there was one available.

(However my phone kinda sucks so maybe that’s why.)

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Still no luck, it hasn’t returned. I’ve check for app updates, even did a system update on my phone today and diddly squat happened.

So I don’t know, guess it’s just gone for me?


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Mine is at the top of the page when you first get on episode, it’s not a little button anymore

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Oh weird! At the top i just have the timer and then the buttons to buy the gems/passes.

Idk. I read that they update iOS first, and i have an android. Maybe I’m just like way behind haha.

I think it comes randomly.
It comes randomly for me at least :woman_shrugging:t4:

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