Orchestra or band?

Which is better? Orchestra or Band?


both :fire::raised_hands:

Are you in either of them @lanafrazer_episode

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Which instrument?

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Violin. :heart_eyes:

Cello is better

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In my opinion

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so many wonderful instruments you have so many favs to choose from.

We just have so many violins that its annoying, like, there’s more violins than Cellos Violas and Basses combined

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personally i love both

I like Orchestra better, but most of band is fine, I just have a problem with annoying people in brass. One day I was walking to orchestra, and a kid with a trombone walking across the hallway PURPOSELY blew it into my ear

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damn that must have been annoying

Like, right into my ear just because he doesn’t like me! It was worse than a sharp violin e string

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have ya talked to him about it?

It was annoying, but then the choir teacher came out and was all like, “I have heard your teacher tell you multiple times to not play your instrument in the hallway” and I was just laughing at him in my head

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I make sure to avoid him, I try to always stay away from him. He hates me and one of my friends a lot, like one day he pokes us with his umbrella. He’s a total jerk

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Jeez. That seems a bit rude.

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