ORCS? and where to find them

im writing a story about elves. and i was needing orcs? should i create green characters or try to find like an overlay for them?

Gonna be hard to find orcs that are awesome to use unless you’re good at digital art or art, IMO :sweat_smile:

Here’s a free pic from Pixabay u may like:

And here’s the same pic I edited through PowerPoint by making it green:

P.S omg your story sounds interesting and I LOVE elves soooooooo freaking much :heart_eyes:

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Imo, I would just create green characters.

create green characters, its much easier. lol @KerriStrwberry have a orc…I think XD

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Ha ha imo, i think u should challenge yourself and try to find orc overlays to jazz up your story but if it proves too difficult just make green characters :smirk: :green_heart:


What?! :flushed:

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do u have any orc characters?

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What’s orc?

Thank you sm. and i am thinking im going to try and find overlays and if that doesnt prove eventful i will just create green chars. but thanks again for the help

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