Orginal story plot Ideas!

Hello there episode writers!
I have ALOT of story ideas that I wanna turn into episode stories. I know how to code, I’ve been coding for over 3 years now, but I haven’t published A SINGLE STORY. I know… I’m pretty insane… but lets just forget about the past, shall we? Okay, so, Ive been working on my first story, ive coded the first episode…it had worked perfectly fine… but now I just feel bored. So, to sum this all up, lets do a deal. I can give you the episodes for this story but written as a novel, and you code it. After you coding it, you can send me the code. Then ill put it on the main story, and I will feature you as my co-writer. I know this may sound so stupid and lame, but I will give you much credit as I can. And I will explain at the begging and at the end that I wrote the story and you did the coding. If your not interested, then its fine. That you for your time. Take care everyone! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hey, I can help you.

Sure! Do you haven instagram or do I pm you? :heart:

My insta ID @shen_episodes