Original Character (OC) Contest [ đź’° Prizes for winner đź’° ]

Hey I´m doing my first OC contest!!! I never done one so I am new to this but I think the prize is pretty much worth the work!!! So basically the person with the best piece of art will get the prize… I know most people only do 3 winners but depending on how many entries I get I may do 5. You don´t have to do drawn if it´s out of your comfort zone because this isn´t for my benefit… This is for you guys´ benefit… I just want to be able to give you guys things you earn, to be sure of it I will even post EVERY entry on my Instagram and give love to the creator and then announce that it will not be used for anything other than their praise… ANYWAY here are the details of my OC and pictures… As I said you can do absolutely anything you want with her I don´t care at all!!! First I will show the details for the OC then I will show the prizes…
BROW- Seductive Arch
HAIR Black (you can choose the style)
EYES- Upturned Feline (Brown)
LIPS-Full Round (Rosewood)
1st Place: You get 4 pieces of Art of any choice, Shout out on my insta and on my story at the end of every episode (But only one story not all), Overlays made by me (MAX of 6), And you can request one thing of your choice, And a Money prize… (You only know the amount of money if you win 1st Place)
2nd Place: You get 2 pieces of Art of any choice, Shout out on insta and one episode of one of my stories at the end, And Overlays made by me (MAX of 4) And A Money Prize (You only know the amount of money if you win 2nd Place)
3rd Place: You get one piece of Art of your choice, Shout out on insta, Overlays made by me (MAX of 2)
4th Place: You get one piece of Art of MY choice, Shout out on insta, Overlays Made by me (ONLY 1)
5th Place: You will get a shout out on Insta and a Overlay Made by me!

Once again everyone who enters will get a shout out on insta just had to make sure I mentioned it as the prizes… I hope you guys will enter and this isn´t a flop… ALSO Make sure you leave your insta with your entry…My insta is one.and.only.mymy [@ in front]

ANYWAY Please join this contest and have fun… As I said this has no benefit for me!!! And this is legit I would NEVER lie to anyone about giving a money prize To anyone who does that´s just wrong…
What you have to do to enter…
-Leave your insta
-Tell me how long until your entry will be finished
-If you want others to use the art that you make, you have to let me know bc it is MY OC
-If you loose I will be doing more contests soon and they will also have Money Prize (Don´t get angry or you WILL NOT be able to participate in any other contests hosted by me
-Everyone who enters has to follow my insta for updates on the winner
-Have fun with your art and be creative… USE YOUR IMAGINATION HUN :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
That´s all sorry this is so long but I hope you guys enter :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart:


What happens when you don’t have instagram but you want to join?

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If you don´t have instagram we will have to keep in contact through forums so for everyone who doesn´t have insta I will have to post a thread to keep them updated!

ALSO… I forogot to Mention this is going on until the end of April :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Okay hun! Can´t wait to see your final result :heart:

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What’s your ig?

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