Original Song Giveaway

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to spread the word about the giveaway I’m doing on my Insta! I’m a professional singer and songwriter and I love writing songs about Episode stories. You can check out a song I wrote for my story here. I’d love to create you a custom song about your story!

The winner will receive a recorded and fully mastered song written about their story. Keep in mind that you can’t upload original music to Episode, but your unique theme song will bring all your edits to the next level! I want to edit this up to forum users as well, so if you want to enter but don’t have Insta, you can tag 3 friends here for an entry! :two_hearts:

You can also enter on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/p/B_U76fqlc4F/?igshid=1fmbo9rcdee24

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Sounds awesome!

Love meeting other fellow songwriters like me. I’m actually about to drop a soundtrack on iTunes which I wrote for my story.

If you wanna put that on iTunes/Spotify, let me know. It’s very easy x

Wait we already met! Can’t keep up :rofl::see_no_evil:

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I would love to join the competition BUT
I don’t have Instagram yet :sob:

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I’ve opened it up to the forums as well if you’d like to tag 3 forum friends here :slight_smile: I know lots of people don’t have Instagram so I wanted to make it as fair as possible!

Actually I created an account a few minutes ago :joy:

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Oh yay! Amazing! What’s your account so I can follow you?


Did you find me?

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Yes! Just followed you back :slight_smile:


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