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Hi! im desperately in need of good story ideas! please pm me or leave some below (:

Hey, do you have any particular genre in mind?

Romance and horror is preferred

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The reader comes to a new city where she meets a new guy who haves a weird hobby which soon becomes her hobby too. That hobby is kidnapping people, then erasing their memory and letting them go after a week.

What do you think?


That’s pretty good, somebody should definitely do that :smile:

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What about a girl had a friend that was close to her when they were young—but she moved away. But when she moves back to her old town, she meets her old friend and they reconnect; but turns out her old friend turned into some sort of psycho stalker who’s convinced himself that he’s fell in love with the girl?

Do you want supernatural horror or more “down-to-earth” horror ?

down to earth, I’m not very good with supernatural

Okay well check out the game “What remains of Edith Finch” (there should be some walk-though things on Youtube), it has a disturbing vibe that I find to be quite unique and very interesting, maybe you’ll get inspired because there are a lot of different scenarios, you’ll see. Basically one woman goes through her old family house and uncovers how each member died. While it has a supernatural aspect to it, you can easily have a similar idea with a rational interpretation. The chapter about Barbara is particularly fun :wink:
It’s missing the romance part, but the horror’s there !!

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