Other authors in stories

Can we use the author character in our stories? Like, can friends put each other in their own stories?


As far as I can tell, you can (character appearance-wise) but you can’t put them in as already developed characters (made by someone else) e.g someone already created them with a specific outfit, personality, backstory etc - you wouldn’t be able to copy all of that and add it. I hope you get what I mean? :flushed: I’m not the best with explanations.

People can’t own the details that are used to make a character look a certain way because the features are owned by Episode, but everything else that makes up the individual character or characters can’t be copied or re-applied of that same character(s) into another story that isn’t by the author that owns them. I know crossovers are against the guidelines, that’s why I’m saying that, but people can still use template-like characters with certain appearances in their stories if they ask for them.

Here’s the thread I read ages ago about it, but everyone still adds their author friends to stories (including all of the numerous threads that have been asking for characters that haven’t been taken down/haven’t been told that it was against the rules):

That’s why I wouldn’t fret about it. I’m not sure if they don’t care, they’re remaining lenient with it or if they’ve found a legal way for it to be within guidelines since the post. :person_shrugging:

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You’re good, I get it since it’s basically their work. This clears up some things, thanks :blush:

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