Other Genre Stories On Episode

I would love it if there were some Mystery, thriller, adventure stories on episode. The original content is filled with unrealistic romances. Like… It’s seriously not a piece of cake to make your crush like you back!! All episode original stories make it seem like they will always come back. And none of the characters have strong dialogue or vibrant flaws. It seems childish and I stop reading because of these reasons. Episode has access to so many exclusive clothes, hairstyles, backgrounds, overlays, ANIMATIONS etc. And puts them into no good use. I hope there can be other genre stories in the future which won’t have the above issues.


I think the same. The episode official romance stories are pretty unrealistic. It’s not that easy to have feelings for someone. They make it look really easy. The community stories tho are different and they’re pretty great!

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The fackt that the horror/triller dont have a single featured story says a lot

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I haven’t read any official episode stories and hardly any of the other authors stories as I’m not a big reader


Those I have seen have lacked things that I have put within my own stories, I just hope that when the time comes I get the same reception that these stories have had

Although putting myself in the cleche pile won’t stop me from writing each story good or bad now my confidence is up more than a few years ago

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