Ouija: The Nightmare Begins ( continuation of the original thread )



Hello guys! This is going to be so much fun! But before we get into it, I need to lay out the plot.

Sometimes bad things happen, everybody screws up. One mistake and everything blows up in your face. You’ll soon realize this in the quant town of Willows Creek. An Ouija board sounded like a fun, until you realize if you play with fire; you’re going to get burned. A large amount of supernatural creatures AREN’T IN THIS STORY (like werewolves, or vampires, )exist, but the story will mostly be about demons and ghost. (Sorry guys, I’d explain more about the plot, but the rest is supposed to be us continuing the plot together)
There are a few rules.

  1. cursing is allowed, but please put a little * over whatever word you’re using.
  2. Intimate scenes are fine, as long as you DO NOT go into detail. (Best way is to just leave it by going into the bedroom)
  3. Romance is encouraged.
  4. No racist slurs, no homophobic speech, and don’t encourage violence, drugs, sexual abuse, ect.
  5. Write all of your details about your character’s below. Thanks so much!

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Originally Roleplay.Ik’s RP but I took over. This is a continuation of the original thread. Let’s continue?


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The nightmare begins. (CLOSED)

ORP: Do I need to sign up again?


OORP: No. it’s a continuation




ORP : Where are we starting from? The house?


OORP: Yeah



“Guys…It’s school…” her purple eye’s glow (Sorry my Pc wondnt work for a week…@FallenAngelNight13 @livvy613 @Dark.Epy …Someone tag Meh When There On I read all of the part’s I missed out on on thr previous one soooo yeah im taking it from @FallenAngelNight13 )

“And What do you mean…you need something so concentrate on?..” Slightly shocked that Drest came closer to her



“Oh Hey Guys!” Just walking in the door “I got A bit Lost I see Ultima’s Just Said It’s Almost school” Smile’s at Everyone (if someone else want’s to take over Selene just tell meh)


~ Drest ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Yeah, I’m thinking I know just the trick for my mind to go blank.” Drest scoots even closer to Ultima, and looks deeper into her eyes.



I smile. “Shall we continue?” I ask


OORP: I don’t think we should have it be school. It should be nighttime still.



I’d press my lips together, nodding my head yes. I’d sit by the table, putting my fingers on the pallet.

“ C’mon guys “ I’d say, Oasis sitting next to me



Her Eye’s Sparkle Again And Look’s into Drest’s eye’s as he looked into her’s @FallenAngelNight13 @livvy613 @Dark.Epy


ORP: I know no one will be on soooo im still doing this…@FallenAngelNight13 @livvy613 @Dark.Epy


ORP: I feal like you guy’s might be on know if not well yah now @FallenAngelNight13 @livvy613 @Dark.Epy


~ Drest ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Drest smirks, then looks back at the others, “Yeah, I have nothing. I don’t have powers. Hey, it’s not so bad. My charm can count as a superpower.” Drest chuckles



Plays with the moon and star’s that came out of her hand and move’s them around “Drest are you okay?” @FallenAngelNight13
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OORP: 3 hours ago it was six in the morning. Give me a break