Ouija: The Nightmare Begins ( continuation of the original thread )



ORP: Yeah


ORP PLS BE ALIVE @FallenAngelNight13 @livvy613


ORP: Oof


ORP IVE BEEN REJECTED @FallenAngelNight13 @livvy613


ORP: :woman_shrugging:t4:


ORP nice profile


ORP: Thanks my friend made it


ORP I went on goggle and tried to match my first of in anime form


ORP lol


ORP @FallenAngelNight13 @Dark.Epy @livvy613 please be alive it’s empty


She still asleep with her hand on the board



I’d float up looking for Ultima.


ORP : Where did we leave off?


OORP: No idea



Here and @livvy613 @FallenAngelNight13 @Dark.Epy



She’d jump up as the planchett slides off of the table, the board shaking.

“ What the hell? “

@FallenAngelNight13 @UltimaW @Dark.Epy



She woke up “Did Cassidy throw the board on the floor?” She asked she was asleep but could hear stuff when she was asleep @livvy613



“ Not exactly “ She said, a little freaked out. “ Okay, What the hell. I didn’t do that. Did you? “ she asks Cassidy. Cassidy shakes her head. “ Then what the hell



Her eyes darkened once agian “Spirits…there near…” she mummbeled she could see spirits and hear them @livvy613 @FallenAngelNight13 @Dark.Epy



Her mind would be racing.

“ We should get out of here… “ She mutters, heading for the door leading out of the room. It slams shut. “ The hell? “ She pulls on the doorknob, but it comes off. Oasis runs over, trying some of her chaos magic on the door. It doesn’t budge.

“ What? How can a door withstand f*cking chaos magic? “



She uses her Darkness magic to enhass the door and it opens and stays open “Better?” @livvy613